Monday, January 3, 2011

Los Conquistadores #8


Feliz año everybody!  I hope you all had a great new years eve.  I heard FTS got to play at the dance and Im really jealous.  I miss all those concerts they were super fun.  Anyways, our new years was pretty awesome.  We did a lot of missionary work but it was new years and everybody was either drunk or they would tell us to leave because it was new years so we decided to visit members.  We went to a few members houses and shared the new year with them.  New years day, saturday we went over to famiilia Fuentes house and had lunch with them.  While we were there one of the youth in our ward came up behind Diaz and smashed some eggs on his head then we just had a huge food fight.  I got wrestled down and soaked by the hose and some flour and got some toothpaste on my shirt.  It was a lot of fun actually haha.  That family is a lot of fun.  They love us too and are always calling us asking us when we dont have lunch plans so we can have lunch with them. 
So the other day Elder Hendrickson has special changes because they needed his help back in the office so we have Elder Moore living with us now.  Elder Moore was in the office too for a long time and he is super cool. .He is from Texas too and a lot of fun.  He is really funny.  Living with 4 elders is so much fun. 
This last week we finally found a new guy who wants to get baptized.  One day I was with Hendrickson for a couple hours while Diaz and Kanahele went to go pick up clothes from a members house then they stopped by the guys house to talk to him for a little bit.  Diaz saw that the guy had a package of tea on his table and said he shouldnt be drinking that and took it.  The guy was ok with it that day but the next day when we went back he was really mad.  He said he was offended and all this stuff.  We bought him some herbal tea and said sorry and now hes good haha.  Hes a really nice guy though and I think he was just trying to show us that we need to make it clear why he cant drink it so thats what we did. 
This last week was a lot of fun and Im glad Im here.  You´re assignment for FHE tonight is Mosiah 2.  I read it this morning and it really showed me how good of a leader King Benjamin was and his love for the people.  Thats the most important thing I have learned here is love the people.  Love you all chao!
Love Ty Peck


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