Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Los Conquistadores #10


I dont even know what week Im on!! Thats good that Im losing track of time.  Anyways this week was a good week.  We had our confirmation yesterday for Cristofer!!!  A couple days ago we went to Pedro´s house, an investigator, and talked to him for a little bit.  He has been on vacation for a while hunting with his dad so its been hard to find time with him.  We were talking to him about how things were going then he started asking us about the life of missionaries.  We told him what it takes to serve a mission and what happens on the mission then he asked us his own words ¨When I finish my mission, do I come home or where do I go?¨  When I heard that I was really happy because we have been doubting for a while if he really wants to be baptized or if he just wanted to hang out with us.  So we are going over there tonight to teach him more about the plan of salvation and we are really excited for him. 

So yesterday we went to go see my favorite family here Familia Fuentes.  They were making some food for us and we were watching a soccer game while we were waiting.  Then out of nowhere they grab Diaz and Kanahele and throw them in the pool.  Me and Moore were inside the house still thinking well they are coming to get us next.  We decided to bail.  We ran outside and their gate was locked so we were locked inside.  I said well lets just hop it so I got on their garbage can and jumped the fence and we ran away.  Eventually they came and found us in their car and took us back to eat.  We just didnt want to ruin our clothes because we were still wearing suit pants but the other two werent.  That family though is a great family and we have a lot of fun with them. 

Ive been reading a lot in 1st nephi in spanish.  Its my goal to finish the BOM n spanish this year so I started over.  I was reading about the part when Nephi and his brothers were casting lots to see who had to go and talk to Laban.  In spanish it says that they were casting suertes.  Suertes means luck so I though how lucky that Laman got to go in and talk to Laban first.  I was also reading a lot about how when the Spirit prompts us to do something, it doesnt just happen once and go away.  When Nephi was being told to kill Laban the Spirit kept prompting him to do it.  Ive seen that a lot here on the mish.  I decided when I get a prompting I´ll just follow it right there so theres no question.  I love it out here and I cant wait to go out and find some more people!!!  I love you all chao!
Love Elder Peck

And a few more pictures:

Lucho was Ty's name in HS Spanish class


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