Monday, December 27, 2010

Los Conquistadores #7


This last week was a lot of fun!!  It was really good taking to the family and to the band minus Kyler for a while.  It really made my holidays.  For the weekend we mostly just hung out with some member families exchanging gifts.  I got a tie, a hat, and a cool little crocidile cup haha.  Hopefully I´ll be able to send my package home within the next couple weeks. I still have to get a couple more things. 
This last week wasnt really anything that special. We did some work, didnt really find many people but it was still a lot of fun.  Its been really really hot and hard to walk around for long periods of time.  We have been having trouble finding people just because its a new sector so we havent had much success but we will soon. 
That´s about it for this week sorry its not a lot but not much really happened other than Chrstmas.  There is one chapter I want everybody to read for FHE sometime soon which is Jacob 2.  I really like it because at the end of the chapter is says we know what we are supposed to do but why dont we do it?  It also talks about how the parents back then were bad examples and stuff like that and Im grateful that I grew up in a family that taught me to choose the right.  I love my family very much and all my friends who made it possible to me to be out here on a mission serving the Lord.  I know the church is true and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  I love you all and will talk to you all next week.
Love Elder Ty Peck
*Not a very long email since we got to talk to him on the phone on Saturday for Christmas! He said there is no place else he'd rather be. Too bad our Christmas package didn't get there in time, he said hardly any packages got there for any of the missionaries in his area. Bummer. I guess we'll know better for next time!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Los Conquistadores #6


Its almost Christmas already!  Its crazy that I will get to talk to people at home and what not.  I was hoping maybe Eli Luke and Braden could be there too because I really want to talk to them a little bit. 

So this last week wasnt anything special haha sorry it´s hard to get super interesting stories every week.  I do have one though.  So we were doing contacts and yelling at people´s doors (we yell at doors because there are fences around every building here) and we found a super old lady.  She is 78 and we had to sit right next to her and yell the whole lesson haha.  It was funny when my comp yelled the prayer into her ear.  So we taught her a couple lessons and then we showed up saturday.  She got super mad for some reason and we didnt know why.  She told us she got up at 4 AM and was waiting for us to pick her up for church.  We had told her it was sunday morning but she didnt believe us and told us to leave haha.  She was a little crazy so I dont think it would have gone anywhere anyways but she couldnt say our names and she called me Roberto and my comp Carlos. 

We are going into the city today to find a place to print out pics so we can frame them and give them to the families we took pictures with.  We were walking home the other night and some random non memeber family started talking to us and we asked if we could take pictures with them.  They let us in and we took pics around their tree and then made an appointment to go back.  It was super cool. 

Thats about it this week.  2 Nephi 29 is your guy´s assignment for FHE this week.  I was also reading in DyC the other day in section 3 and there is a scripture to Jose Smith about being called again to the work and I thought it was really cool.  Anyways,can´t wait for Christmas!
Love Elder Peck

Oh and I forgot to say Elder Hendricksen is living with us now.  Roth got transfered today and now the elder that mom blog stalked before the mission is living with me.  I havent met him yet because Roth was still packing but I´ll see him later tonight.

(He also went to the Santiago temple)
I forgot to mention the temple was crazy!  I understodd what was going on it was just weird haha thats it

1. Grandpa wants to know what your apartment is like, especially the bathroom? Is it nice, or hard to get used to? Any Cockroaches?
Our apartment is ok the bathroom is good but its kinda ghetto at the same time.  its one of the worst in the mission i heard so its not too bad
2. Mom wants to know if you are wearing sunblock?
i havent been haha
3. How close are you to Santiago itself?
like 40 minutes by taxi
4. What do you drink mostly? Pop? Water?
we get pop at like every  house we go in to
5. Do you take a bus to the internet cafes, or is it close by?
we take taxis to internet there are some close by but super ghetto
6. What do you do, other than writing and laundry etc. on Pday? Any sight seeing?
mostly grocery shopping and shopping for you guys lately our laundry gets done by members we went bowling last week which was sweet
7. Can you see the Ande's mountains?
i think so haha im not sure but there are mountains so probly
8. Grandpa wants to know what kind of laundry facility you use?
members do laundry
9. Hows the language coming along? Do you feel like you're getting pretty good yet?
language is coming along good, i was talking to somebody from my mtc district the other day and they said that ive probly made the most progress but thats probly cause i live with a latino who speaks super fast haha .
10. What are your plans for Christmas morning?
in the morning study and stuff as usual then we are going to the house to call you guys and stuff

(and some Spanish)
Voy a tratar de escribir un email en español.  ¿Comó estai locos?  Chile is terrible bacan!  Tanto calor tambien.  Los miembros en nuestro barrio son los mejores y un miembro compró un regalo por mi.    anyways its way too hot to concentrate on spanish right now haha thats all i got for today

We get to talk to him Saturday!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Los Conquistadores #5


The weeks here just get faster and faster.  Its crazy how much time flies when youre having fun and working hard.  We have been getting a lot of help from a young man in the ward who is preparing for a mission.  His name is Luis and he is super smart.  He is actually having p day with us today haha.  He was baptized a little less then a year ago and is going to start his papers in a month or so.  He is hoping to stay in Chile to serve but he also wants to serve in Cali.

So what we have been doing a lot for the members is we decided to take pictures with all the families and we are going to frame then and give the pictures to them as presents so they remember us.  There are also some specific members we are going to buy ties for and stuff.  Hermano Fuentes told me he bought me a present last week too and I told him I got something for him.  One of our first days we got here he was going crazy about my watch and asked me if I was rich and all this stuff.  I havent been wearing my watch because it bugs me a lot and I just look at it a lot which makes the days slower so I decided to give it to him for Christmas.  The members here love us too they are always telling us how much different their homes feel when we are in there. They told me the other day when I was on changes with another elder that they can really feel our love for them and they feel the Spirit really strongly in their homes.  That´s the key here, love the people and have fun.  Get lost in the work and help people come unto Christ.

This last week we didn't really have any crazy experiences or anything out of the ordinary just a lot of teaching and finding.  We dont have very many investigators but the ones we have are really good.  We have been trying to teach this one 11 year old kid who isnt baptized yet.  His name is Cristofer I think I mentioned him last week.  Anyways he doesnt really get anything at all and finally his inactive mom came in and told him this isnt a game its either you get to return to live with God or you dont choose what you want.  It was really cool to see that because she doesnt want anything to do with the church and is pretty rude to us but at least she understands the importance of it.  It´s funny here when we find drunk people too who come up and talk to us.  We practice contacting them in english haha and since they are drunk they think we are speaking spanish and they just agree with everything.  We usually ask them to stop drinking and be baptized.

Sounds like all your new callings are going really well.  Im sure primary will be hard because some kids can be too much sometimes but I have a testimony of a well organized ward now.  My ward is awesome its just nobody knows whats going on most of the time and the bishop just does random things for sacrament meeting since he doesnt prepare much.  He is super cool but doesn't know how to do things yet.  Yesterday Roth and Diaz had some baptisms and the ward mission leader did 3 of them since he knew them.  First of all,  nobody really likes him in the ward because hes kinda weird and second, he lives with a lady he isnt married to.  We were talking to the old bishop and he said he tried to get him kicked out of the ward and stuff because of all the dumb things he does but nothing ever happened.  So anyways when he was baptizing the 3 kids he did it allll wrong.  He rose his left hand instead of his right and messed up the prayer like 3 times for all of them so he had to redo all of them.  He has done that kind of stuff a lot with like confirming people too.  Other than that this ward is awesome haha.

It sounds like Haley is doing really well with everything being the coordinating sister and all.  When I was the DL for my district I learned a lot.  In D&C 120 we in the last 10 verses or so it talks about leadership and how many are called but few are chosen.  When we correct people we do it with sharpness but show an increase of love afterwards.  Ive noticed that when people are corrected its only natural to be a little offened or upset.  When we show that increase of love the people will realize we are only looking out for them and want the best for them.  I've also been learning a lot from all our studies.  The Book of Mormon is just so plain and simple.  The gospel is simple.  Keep the commandments is really what it all comes down to.  People look at everything and think too much about it and make it complicated.  In 2nd Nephi towards the end Nephi talks a lot about how the Lord´s arms are stretched forth all the day long and all we have to do is repent and keep the commandments.  All God asks of us to excercise our faith and follow him.  We told that to an old investigator this last week because he has had a hard life and decided not to get baptized because he doesnt have enough faith.  We shared Ether 12:27 and told him we all have debilidades (weaknesses) and that we just need to recognize them and humble ourselves and the Lord will help us.

Anyways that's all I got this week.  I hope all is going well and home and I'm excited to be able to call home in a couple weeks.  I love you all and miss you all a lot but this is where the Lord wants me right now.
Love Elder Ty Peck

Monday, December 6, 2010

Los Conquistadores #4


Wow, Ive been here one month already.  Its crazy how fast time goes when you´re having fun.  This is probably some of the most fun Ive ever had in my life.  I mean, the band is obviously the best but this is in the top 3 haha.  Anyways this week we super good.  When I say super good I mean ¨Super cool.¨  I guess mom used that a lot in my update.  We have found a lot of people to teach and we have one kid who really wants to get baptized.  His name is Pedro Castillo and his mom is an inactive member who has been going to the catholic church for the last 20 years or so.  We taught him a couple times and he was asking us how he can get closer to God.  We got him a baptismal date for the 26th of Dec which is the best present ever.  We took him to church yesterday for sacrament meeting which was cool too.  When he said a prayer with us for his first time we had written down the steps in the back of his BOM so that he could have an idea of how to pray.  Rather than saying a prayer he read the steps like, adress Heavenly Father, I ask thee for, please bless me, in the name of Jesus Christ amen.  It was really funny and he realized afterwards what he did haha.  We have also been teaching this other kid whose mom is inactive too.  He wants to get baptized but doenst want to make the effort to go to church on sundays.  Two days ago we were teaching him and he just wasnt understanding anything.  We have explained baptism at least 10000 times and he still wont answer us when we ask him what it is.  His mom finally walked in the room and said that she is going to help us get him baptized and told him this isnt a game and that if he wants to live with his famliy and with God someday he needs to be baptized.  It was super cool. 

We have been visiting a lot of members and they are all pretty cool.  There is one family, the Fuentes, who love us a ton.  They are always inviting us over to eat with them and to hang out.  They always have the best food too so its awesome.  We took some pics with the families that I will send in an email when I get my next box. 

I dont really have any crazy stories for this week but Ive been having a blast.  Our first cambio is almost over but we will still both be here most likely.  I love this sector and this ward.  I feel bad because I was kinda badmouthing the bishop last week of this ward but he is really a good guy.  We had lunch with them yesterday and since I was sick I couldnt swallow any food.  He went into the back and brought me out some sprite, jello and cake.  He is an english teacher so he can speak a little english. He is a good guy but hes a new bishop and so sometimes its frustrating because he doenst really know much but he is cool.  The ward is super good here and reminds me a lot of home with all the different personalities.

Well thats all I got for this week.  Esta misión es la obra del Señor!
Adios Love Elder Peck

He also sent this photo of Him and Hermana Stevens on the flight to Chile. She took it with her camera and emailed them to him today

also here's another of their mission home and ty is doing some weird face