Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Los Conquistadores #6


Its almost Christmas already!  Its crazy that I will get to talk to people at home and what not.  I was hoping maybe Eli Luke and Braden could be there too because I really want to talk to them a little bit. 

So this last week wasnt anything special haha sorry it´s hard to get super interesting stories every week.  I do have one though.  So we were doing contacts and yelling at people´s doors (we yell at doors because there are fences around every building here) and we found a super old lady.  She is 78 and we had to sit right next to her and yell the whole lesson haha.  It was funny when my comp yelled the prayer into her ear.  So we taught her a couple lessons and then we showed up saturday.  She got super mad for some reason and we didnt know why.  She told us she got up at 4 AM and was waiting for us to pick her up for church.  We had told her it was sunday morning but she didnt believe us and told us to leave haha.  She was a little crazy so I dont think it would have gone anywhere anyways but she couldnt say our names and she called me Roberto and my comp Carlos. 

We are going into the city today to find a place to print out pics so we can frame them and give them to the families we took pictures with.  We were walking home the other night and some random non memeber family started talking to us and we asked if we could take pictures with them.  They let us in and we took pics around their tree and then made an appointment to go back.  It was super cool. 

Thats about it this week.  2 Nephi 29 is your guy´s assignment for FHE this week.  I was also reading in DyC the other day in section 3 and there is a scripture to Jose Smith about being called again to the work and I thought it was really cool.  Anyways,can´t wait for Christmas!
Love Elder Peck

Oh and I forgot to say Elder Hendricksen is living with us now.  Roth got transfered today and now the elder that mom blog stalked before the mission is living with me.  I havent met him yet because Roth was still packing but I´ll see him later tonight.

(He also went to the Santiago temple)
I forgot to mention the temple was crazy!  I understodd what was going on it was just weird haha thats it

1. Grandpa wants to know what your apartment is like, especially the bathroom? Is it nice, or hard to get used to? Any Cockroaches?
Our apartment is ok the bathroom is good but its kinda ghetto at the same time.  its one of the worst in the mission i heard so its not too bad
2. Mom wants to know if you are wearing sunblock?
i havent been haha
3. How close are you to Santiago itself?
like 40 minutes by taxi
4. What do you drink mostly? Pop? Water?
we get pop at like every  house we go in to
5. Do you take a bus to the internet cafes, or is it close by?
we take taxis to internet there are some close by but super ghetto
6. What do you do, other than writing and laundry etc. on Pday? Any sight seeing?
mostly grocery shopping and shopping for you guys lately our laundry gets done by members we went bowling last week which was sweet
7. Can you see the Ande's mountains?
i think so haha im not sure but there are mountains so probly
8. Grandpa wants to know what kind of laundry facility you use?
members do laundry
9. Hows the language coming along? Do you feel like you're getting pretty good yet?
language is coming along good, i was talking to somebody from my mtc district the other day and they said that ive probly made the most progress but thats probly cause i live with a latino who speaks super fast haha .
10. What are your plans for Christmas morning?
in the morning study and stuff as usual then we are going to the house to call you guys and stuff

(and some Spanish)
Voy a tratar de escribir un email en español.  ¿Comó estai locos?  Chile is terrible bacan!  Tanto calor tambien.  Los miembros en nuestro barrio son los mejores y un miembro compró un regalo por mi.    anyways its way too hot to concentrate on spanish right now haha thats all i got for today

We get to talk to him Saturday!


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