Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Renca 1 #7


So, we had cambios today and I have a new companion!  Im with Elder Heath now from Massachusets!  He got here the same time as Elder Memmott so he just has a few more months then me here.  We should be having a great cambio here in Renca 1.
This last week went really well.  We found a family of 5 on saturday and they are pretty much just waiting to be baptized.  We taught them the Restoration and they all understood very well and were really excited to know that they could pray and ask if its true.  We have a few other people that are getting ready to be baptized within the next few weeks.  Another exciting thing is that Elder Larsen is in my zone!!!!  I´ll get to see him at least once a week now so that should be great.  We also had our english lesson with Roxanna yesterday and it went really well.  She told us that she still has a few doubts about praying and stuff and also believes in reincarnation so its hard for her to understand the plan of salvation.  We tried to explain it but I think she still has a few doubts about it.  We invited her to pray about it of course and hopefully she will do it.  When Elder Memmott was packing up today we realized that me and him never took any pictures together so we took one right before we changed with our new companions but sorry for not taking enough pictures.  I also found a pile of ties in the house they an old elder left here a long time ago and they are all really nice haha.  I found a suit too and I´ll try that on later to see if it fits me. 
Its sad to hear the Selfs are moving.  Hopefully I´ll be able to see Ryan at college or something like that.  It seems like whenever the ward gains a couple people more people leave.  Hopefully the Youngs or the Wilsons dont move out of the area.  Mostly because I need to beat them at Catan first before they can move. 
Anyways, thats about it for me this week.  We are going to be baptizing this cambio si o si.
Love Elder Ty Peck

He also sent me another email to answer my question about Easter, if they did anything special for it down there. He said no, it was like a normal day and the people didn't really get into it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Renca 1 #6

Another week of walking for us  We have found a few more people and are teaching more often also.  We were going to have a baptism yesterday but our investigator came out with some doubts at the last second about coffee and tea.  She explained she doesnt feel like they are so bad that she will go to hell for it.  We tried explaining it better but we had a member with us who decided to argue with her about it so it was an hour long arguement with them two.  We kept trying to step in and say something to end it but they would just go right back at it.  It made us really frustrated and finally I stopped them both and said look we arent getting anywhere by arguing, lets end this lesson and we can get together another day to talk about it.  I also told her that if she wants to know that its a commandment, she needs to pray and ask.  We tried calling her yesterday after church to see why she didnt go and if we can get together another day and she just kinda said another day so we think she might be trying to avoid us.  It was a sad lesson to see somebody who has been talking to the missionariies for a few months now just give up on it all.  She was making a lot of progress too and now she just kinda dropped back.  We are going to try and have a more spiritual lesson with her later in the week too so that we can help her more.  We also had a lesson with Roxanna yesterday in english again.  We asked her how she felt when she read the BOM and she said good but had a hard time understanding the old english.  BUT the good thing is that she read more than we assigned and she told us she really has a desire to know if its true.  She said she reads metaphysics books so its hard for her to believe in God.  We read the story of Aaron teaching the father of king Lamoni and asked to her to pray to God and ask if He is God.  It was a really good lesson and shes making a lot of progress too.
For my bday last week we went to a non member family house and had a dinner.  I´ll send some pics but they made this big dinner and a really good cake and also gave me a big chocolate bar with almonds as a present.  It was a lot of fun and also Kanahele and Moore called me to say happy birthday which was good to hear from them.  Moore also told me that my last convert with Kanahele was talking to her dad about doing something on sunday.  She told her dad (who isnt a member) that she doesnt break the sabbath because its the Lord´s day.  It was good to hear she is still doing really good in the church and staying strong. 
Thats about it for me this week.  We are still working hard and seeing fruits from our labors. 
Love Elder Peck

Here are a few photos we've gotten over the last several weeks:

Ty's Birthday Dinner

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Renca 1 #5


Do you Know Fugazi?

Last week was definitely a week.  We walked A LOT and did a lot of contacts in the street.  We talked with a lot of people and had little success throughout the week.  Saturday we finally caught a break and taught  lesson to a new investigator and yesterday was actually a really good day too.  So, during the week we walked by a member family in the street.  Their daughter isn't baptized and said that she doesn't want to be either BUT she is studying to be an english teacher or something like that and wants the lessons in english.  We set an appointment and went by last night to start teaching the lessons in english.  We decided to try really hard to have the Spirit with us so that while shes learning more english she can feel its truthfulness too.  So we went to the house and asked her a few questions.  Her family doens't know any english  so they had no idea what we were saying.  She actually speaks and understands really well also so it was fun.  It was weird speaking in english too because its been a while haha.  So, basically we taught the Restoration and really focused on prayer.  She kinda believes in God and wants to know more about Him and wants to know He is real.  The lesson was really spiritual and we could really tell she wants to take the lessons to come closer to God.  We kinda thought about it afterwards and the thought came to us that maybe she is doing it in english so that her family doesn't know she really is interested.  We think that maybe she doesn't want to be overloaded with all these people trying to help her.  She understood everything really well and is going to read and pray.  SHe has actually read the BOM once already but only to learn english from the missionaries a few years ago. 
Well, tomorrow is my 21st birthday.  Its weird that life has been going by so fast and I'm only 21 years into it.  We have plans to go over to this family's house and have dinner with them and a little party.  They are actually a family we found that aren't members but love the missionaries and want us to come over all the time. 
That's about it for me this week.  We are working hard and having fun. 
Love Elder Ty Peck

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Renca 1 #4


This is not an email

This last week was a great week.  We are still finding people and teaching a lot.  We have a baptism coming up on the 17th of april and another for the 24th.  We are hoping to put another family with fecha this week for the 24th as well. 
In between sessions on saturday, we went to an investigators house to teach her.  She wasnt there but her son was.  He was actually the original person we were looking for when we found his mom.  He had talked with missionaries a couple years ago and really likes the BOM.  He actually said that hes already prayed and read and knows thats its true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet.  We taught the Restoration and it went really well.  Hes probly late 20s or so and hes a big guy with some tattoos. 
Conference was realy great.  This was probably the first conference that I actually paid attention to haha.  I learned a lot from the talks too.  We missed the first couple talks saturday morning because we had to go do some stuff for the missionaries in our district across town so we were late.  My favorite talk was the one the Pres. Monson gave at the end of Priesthood session.  For me, I learned more from the way he is than from the words he spoke.  His humility and love for all taught me a lot about the type of person we should be.  I also liked what he said about reading the BOM.  He said ¨Read it!¨.  Ive been learning a lot in my studies in Alma about how to be a better missionary too.  We are having a lot of success here now and we have the Spirit with us.  This sector used to be a ¨dead sector¨ I guess but I learned in the MTC that there is no such thing as a dead sector.  There are always people waiting for us it just depends on our faith and diligence to find them.  I also liked the idea from Lynn G. Robbins to make a ¨to be list¨.  I decided that I want to start my own to be list so that I have constant goals for my whole life.  A lot of speakers also said a lot of stuff about not delaying marriage *cough* Amanda *cough*. 
Anyways thats about it for me this week.  Im having a great time here and I love it.  Have a great week everybody.
Love TyPeck