Monday, March 28, 2011

Renca 1 #3


Who wants honey, as long as there's money.

So this last week was a great week.  We found 4 new people to teach!!!!  We are very excited about that and they are all really good too.  We had some good contacts and actually one of them is a nonmember husband of a member family.  When we handed him the BOM he started reading the intro right there and was really into it.  All the people we have been teaching have all said that they always felt something was missing in the churches theyve been going to and that it says in the bible there should only be one church.  We then go on to explain the Life of Jesus, the great apostasy, and then the restoration and it all makes a  lot of sense for them.  Im really excited for these people.
We have been visiting this inactive family too that are really good.  We showed up one day and they have like a few little kids running around screaming and stuff and tons of people in the house.  We sat down and started talking to them about life and going to church and stuff.  They said they really want to go to church but its hard with the little kids because they are soooo hyper (reminds me of our ward).  We told them that they shouldnt worry because there are little kids in every ward and there will always be those moments when the children are loud and stuff.  Sooo....they showed up to church yesterday!  We didnt expect it but they came and it was really good to see them.  All the members in our ward are super good too with greeting people and getting to know people plus this family is already pretty well known around here so it was easy for them.  Then last night we went over to do a FHE with the family and then said that having us over and being able to go to church, read and pray as a family has really brought the spirit back into their house.  I was very happy to see that they are turning things back around and wanting to raise the kids in the church. 
Sad story of the week....So our investigator that was supposed to get baptized yesterday didnt.  We talked with her last week about how its going and how she feels and she doesnt feel ready yet.  She is still slowly trying to quit smoking and its hard for her to do that but shes progressing.  We asked her what date she would like to be baptized and she said 17th of april.  At first we both though thats its so far away and tons of things could happen with her but its best for her to feel prepared and comfortable to stay active in the church.
The new sector is great and the members here are great too.  They help us out a lot and are really nice.  Im having a lot of fun in this sector and time is flying by!
Love ElDeR tY pEcK

Monday, March 21, 2011

Renca 1 #2


This last week was definitely a hard week.  In this new area, we dont have a lot of people to teach so we have been doing a lot of contacts and stuff like that to find people.  We have one lady with a baptismal date coming up soon but we might have to wait for a little while because she isnt completing with all of her compromisos yet.  She is trying to quit smoking and she didnt go to church yesterday so its going to be hard.  My spanish though has been improving a lot.  Me and Elder Memmot speak spanish all day long since both of us are newish so we are both improving.  He got to Chile in august so just a few months before me.  His spanish is really good and hes understands more than me too.  Ive been getting a lot better with teaching and stuff like that though. 
In other news...OBAMA IS HERE!  He is actually downtown today I think and wednesday he will be coming to our sector or something like that.  At least thats what everybody is saying.  OH and before I forget (great song btw) they are changing the office so send all packages and stuff like that to
MisiĆ³n Chile Santiago Norte
Sucursal correo patronato casilla 60
We invented a new lesson too that we have been doing with members.  We bring all the pictures we have from home of family and friends and we share them with the families.  They get a chance to look through our pictures and get to know us better.  Than we start talking about family and friends and how important they are to us and how we all want to live with them forever.  Then we get to the point where we talk about some people that we know that are close to us but arent members.  We then talk about how much more happier we could be if we had all of our loved ones with us forever.  Its just kind of a way to show them that we arent pestering them for more people to teach but trying to show that if they help their friends, they can be with them forever. 
Something I had the other day as a snack in a members house was crackers with some dip the lady made.  It was cream cheese with sesame seeds and soy sauce.  It was really really good too. 
Thats about it for me this week.  I hope all is well at home! 
Love Elder Ty Peck

Monday, March 14, 2011

Renca 1 #1

Hey everybody, Im in a new area with a new companion!  His name is Elder Memmot from California.  We just did changes this morning so we still dont know each other that well yet but it should be fun. 
So this last week was a great week.  It was definately really hard saying goodbye to members and the other missionaries in my house.  We had a baptism yesterday!  Valentina is 11 yrs old and was baptized with her sister yesterday.  It was a really spiritual experience seeing a part member family become a full member family.  They are all really great people.  We also found a family of 9 not too long ago and it was hard leaving them too.  There is a pretty cool story to how we found the family too.  We had planned a bbq with the ward a couple weeks ago but nobody showed up.  We were all pretty mad but then 9 random kids from the street wanted to come in and play tag and stuff with us.  We played some games and took some pictures and told them to meet us at the church again later in the week so we could print out the pictures for them.  We went back and some of the kids brought us to their house to meet their faimily.  We went in and talked with the mom who is really nice and we set up an appointment to go back.  We went yesterday and there were 9 people there!  All family and all ready to hear the gospel.  We talked with them for a little bit and had a lot of fun with them.  I had a lot of fun playing tag and a bunch of other games with those kids.  Even though I only knew them for about a week it was hard to leave them too. 
So, my area now is Renca 1.  In my zone there is an elder from sammamish and he is a really cool guy.  Not too long ago me and him were going off about Radiohead so this zone should be a lot better than the last one.  In our house Diaz left and so did Kanahele so its just Moore left over there and hes going to be training.  We all had a really good time together and it was really really hard to say goodbye to them this morning.  I felt like I was saying goodbye to some of my best friends again.  I´ll see them soon enough hopefully on p days around town. 
Thats about it for me this week.  Im excited to work in this new sector!  Les amo mucho chao!
Love Ty Peck

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Los Conquistadores #16


Wow, its been 6 months already.  I cant believe how fast this has been going so far.  I really have been learning a lot about the gospel, myself, people, etc...  This last week was a very stressful week for me.  I would like to start off by saying I wasnt able to email everybody last week because we had a really busy p day and I didnt have a lot of time to email so I just emailed some family. 
So, my ward is pretty much dying.  Its really hard to see them growing weaker and weaker every week.  Almost every convert from last year is inactive already and a lot of the active members have started just dropping off like flies.  We went to one family´s house to have a little FHE with them and we realized they dont even really know who God is.  We started off just talking about God and then we asked them who He is to them.  The mom started talking and said that He is a great spirit and is the Son of God.  She said a lot of other things that didnt really make sense.  Since that day we have realized that a lot of the ward is like that.  We have noticed a lot of things that are going wrong in the ward and we are trying to fix it.  Its hard for us right now because we are trying to keep the ward moving forward and the work at the same time.  The bishop this week in priesthood actually got into a huge arguement with pretty much all the other priesthood holders.  It was his last week as bishop and I think he was fed up with some of the people.  He had told us before that the members are lazy and dont know anything so he wasnt that great of a bishop anyways.  Anyways, every sunday us as missionaries give talks and teach the sunday school class.  We are pretty much running the ward.  Its definately hard but Im learning a lot. 
We are most likely going to have a baptism this week!!!  Her name is Valentina and is an 11 year old granddaughter of a member.  We have been teaching her and her sister for a few weeks now and they will be baptized this sunday in stake conference.  We have found a couple other people too.  There is one guy who we came across that speaks really good english and wants us to teach him more and said he is also interested in the gospel.  We set up an appointment with him for tomorrow.  We have also been getting some references from members and will start working with them. 
I have been really humbled by the experience I have had in this ward.  Coming into a place like this where people dont have much to begin with and still try getting to church every week is a great thing to see.  They have a lot of faith even if they dont understand everything completley.  Im grateful for the experiences Ive hard in this ward and it will be hard to leave them someday. 
Love Ty Peck