Monday, March 21, 2011

Renca 1 #2


This last week was definitely a hard week.  In this new area, we dont have a lot of people to teach so we have been doing a lot of contacts and stuff like that to find people.  We have one lady with a baptismal date coming up soon but we might have to wait for a little while because she isnt completing with all of her compromisos yet.  She is trying to quit smoking and she didnt go to church yesterday so its going to be hard.  My spanish though has been improving a lot.  Me and Elder Memmot speak spanish all day long since both of us are newish so we are both improving.  He got to Chile in august so just a few months before me.  His spanish is really good and hes understands more than me too.  Ive been getting a lot better with teaching and stuff like that though. 
In other news...OBAMA IS HERE!  He is actually downtown today I think and wednesday he will be coming to our sector or something like that.  At least thats what everybody is saying.  OH and before I forget (great song btw) they are changing the office so send all packages and stuff like that to
Misión Chile Santiago Norte
Sucursal correo patronato casilla 60
We invented a new lesson too that we have been doing with members.  We bring all the pictures we have from home of family and friends and we share them with the families.  They get a chance to look through our pictures and get to know us better.  Than we start talking about family and friends and how important they are to us and how we all want to live with them forever.  Then we get to the point where we talk about some people that we know that are close to us but arent members.  We then talk about how much more happier we could be if we had all of our loved ones with us forever.  Its just kind of a way to show them that we arent pestering them for more people to teach but trying to show that if they help their friends, they can be with them forever. 
Something I had the other day as a snack in a members house was crackers with some dip the lady made.  It was cream cheese with sesame seeds and soy sauce.  It was really really good too. 
Thats about it for me this week.  I hope all is well at home! 
Love Elder Ty Peck


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