Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Los Conquistadores #16


Wow, its been 6 months already.  I cant believe how fast this has been going so far.  I really have been learning a lot about the gospel, myself, people, etc...  This last week was a very stressful week for me.  I would like to start off by saying I wasnt able to email everybody last week because we had a really busy p day and I didnt have a lot of time to email so I just emailed some family. 
So, my ward is pretty much dying.  Its really hard to see them growing weaker and weaker every week.  Almost every convert from last year is inactive already and a lot of the active members have started just dropping off like flies.  We went to one family´s house to have a little FHE with them and we realized they dont even really know who God is.  We started off just talking about God and then we asked them who He is to them.  The mom started talking and said that He is a great spirit and is the Son of God.  She said a lot of other things that didnt really make sense.  Since that day we have realized that a lot of the ward is like that.  We have noticed a lot of things that are going wrong in the ward and we are trying to fix it.  Its hard for us right now because we are trying to keep the ward moving forward and the work at the same time.  The bishop this week in priesthood actually got into a huge arguement with pretty much all the other priesthood holders.  It was his last week as bishop and I think he was fed up with some of the people.  He had told us before that the members are lazy and dont know anything so he wasnt that great of a bishop anyways.  Anyways, every sunday us as missionaries give talks and teach the sunday school class.  We are pretty much running the ward.  Its definately hard but Im learning a lot. 
We are most likely going to have a baptism this week!!!  Her name is Valentina and is an 11 year old granddaughter of a member.  We have been teaching her and her sister for a few weeks now and they will be baptized this sunday in stake conference.  We have found a couple other people too.  There is one guy who we came across that speaks really good english and wants us to teach him more and said he is also interested in the gospel.  We set up an appointment with him for tomorrow.  We have also been getting some references from members and will start working with them. 
I have been really humbled by the experience I have had in this ward.  Coming into a place like this where people dont have much to begin with and still try getting to church every week is a great thing to see.  They have a lot of faith even if they dont understand everything completley.  Im grateful for the experiences Ive hard in this ward and it will be hard to leave them someday. 
Love Ty Peck


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