Monday, June 27, 2011

Renca 1 #16


So I just remembered that I forgot to write this blog email haha.  I only have about ten minutes so hopefully I can get everything. 
This last week was very very hard for us.  A lot of walking and  not a lot of lessons.  Nobody went to church again so we dropped all our investigators and we are starting from scratch.  We have a few promising investigators already but we will see if they go to church.  We had a conference with Pres. May because he leaves tomorrow.  We get our new president tomorrow also and we meet him saturday.  Pres May talking a lot about his personal life and how growing up he had a terrible family situatin.  He used basketball as his escape and ended up going to BYU where he met his wife.  He then servd his mission because she told him that she wouldnt marry anybody unless they are an RM.  He then served the mission but for the wrong reasonsut he learned quickly in the field why he was a missionary and why he was there.  Ive seen that in my mission also.  To be honest, up until the day before I entered the MTC I had no idea how I was going to survive this.  But as soon as I entered the MTC I had Clark and Larsen as my comps and they really helped me out.  I realized quickly here in the field that I am here for a reason and I need to stop thinking about myself and how much I miss home and just get to work.  I love the work and time is flying.  Have a great week evreybody!
Love Elder peck

1.       How does the milk taste there?
 The milk is great.  Tastes a little different but not much
2.        Do you want me to send peanut butter, or can you get good stuff there?
 Yeah send some JIF crunchy haha
3.       Do you need gloves?  Hat (for around the apartment)?
 I got gloves and my american eagle beanie that Amanda bought me a long time ago
4.       What has been your favorite thing you’ve gotten in a package?
 My favorite thing....probably tapes from the band haha but probably pictures and snacks.
5.       Do you get letters from anyone other than family?  How about packages?
 I only get emails and I get enough to keep me occupied for an hour and a half
6.        What is the most frustrating thing about your mission right now?
 Most frustrating thing is that NONE of our investigators go to church because its too cold as they say
7.       What is the most gratifying thing about your mission right now?
 Just preaching the Gospel with people in the street.  Its really satisfying knowing that people are getting something out of a 30 second conversation
8.       Have you met your new mission president yet?
 He comes in tomorrow but we meet him saturday
10.   What have you read in your scriptures lately that had a big impact on you?
 I read them everyday haha and right now Im in second Nephi.  Nothing too big lately other than things in my Patriarchal Blessing
11.   Are you still writing in your journal?
Yes I try to everyday

12.   Do you work a lot with some of the couple missionaries (like Jeanie and Joe)?  Are any of them fun?
 No we dont work with them haha they are out on Easter Island or in the office
13.   What are some things we’ve sent in packages that you wouldn’t want us to send again?
 Those weird dried apple things...They are like styrofoam
14.   Would you like me to send more medicine of any kind?
 For right now no
15.   What is your favorite thing about your mission so far?
 Favorite thing...I think just enjoying time with the people we meet.  I love just sitting down and talking about something over a nice hot cup of coffee! (its not real coffee but still good)
16.   Would you like us to send hand written letters once in awhile? 
 If you want...I dont really care because I hear the same thing in my emails
17.   Is there anything we, as your family, can do more to support you? 
 Just keep sending the occasional package haha

Renca 1 #15

June 20, 2011

This last week was a great week for us in terms of finding.  We found 10 new investigators!  A lot of them arent the most promising but we will still be working with them. 
So yesterday we had a very spiritual day for us.  We were walking down the street towards another street to knock and decided to just knock the street we were already on.  We started knocking doors and didnt have much success until an old lady came out crying.  She said that her husband had just died that morning and was very sad.  She didnt want to talk to us at first but after asking if we could offer a prayer to help her she let us in.  We went in and sat at her table and began talking about what had happened.  We shared a little bit about the plan of salvation but she was crying to hard to listen.  We offered a prayer and then she didnt want us to leave.  She kept telling us to help her so that she wouldnt be sad or feel pain anymore.  We tried everything we could be she kept crying.  At one point she almost passed out (which was pretty scary). 
I really have been learning a lot about my purpose here lately.  Ive seen people that needed help that relied on me for that help.  We have one family we are teaching with 3 kids.  The mom is a member but hasnt gone to church in years so we are trying to help her kids and husband get baptized.  There are two boys Michael and Jose.  Michael is 6 and Jose 9.  Everytime we sit down on their couch, the boys come running over to me and share my scriptures.  Ive seen that these kids really recognize that we are here to help them out in their lives. 
Thats about it for me this week.  Im pushing forward and trying as hard as I can to bring people back for the presence of our Father.  We havent had anybody in church for a long time because our investigators are lazy but we are going to tell them why they need to go to church.  Have a great week everybody.
Love Elder Peck

Friday, June 17, 2011

Renca 1 #14


In terms of taste there is nothing written.

We were able to find 7 new investigators this last week!  We found 3 last night from knocking doors and not everybody was home so we will be teaching this family.  We also received about 10 references from members!  We have really been gaining their confidence and working hard with them.  Its amazing how the work really takes off when the members get involved especially when they bring their own loved ones to the gospel.  We decided that we had to drop Florencio because he really wasnt progressing at all.  He didnt go to church and its hard to teach lessons with him because he talks wayy too much.  Our focus for these coming weeks is to serve the members and really gain their confidence.  People have told us that the bishop here has never really had a lot of confidence in the missionaries and we also heard other members saying that we are lazy.  I heard those things about us and decided to show them really how hard I am working.  I decided to put even more of an effot than I was already doing.  In the last couple of changes we hadnt been seeing a great relationship with the members but I decided to be more myself around them and now look, we are receiving references left and right.  Ive been reading a lot in 1st Nephi and also in Jesus the Christ.  Ive been learning so much more about my relationship with Our Savior and what He really means for us.  I am grateful for the blessing I have to be here in Chile serving Him and helping my brothers and sisters come to know Him.  I challenge you all to do everything you can for the missionaries so that they have success.  They only have 2 years in their missions and as members we should be concerned for their success.  Have a great week everyody!
Love Elder Peck

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Renca 1 #13


This last week was another slow week for us.  We had cambios today but Heath and I are still together here.  We will be getting our new mission president in a few weeks so that should be pretty exciting.  Our week started off really good.  We found 4 new people right off the bat but then we couldnt find them at all for the rest of the week.  We decided that we probably wont baptize Florencio just because his lack of understanding.  He knows all the things we teach him but he doesnt really understand it.  He didnt go to church yesterday either so we might go talk with him then decide what we want to do.  We are back into the search for investigators.  Its pretty pretty hard for us this last week just because we walked around a lot after tuesday.  We didnt see much success but we are trying to stay motivated.  We are having fun here and we are starting to work harder with the members.  As we have been visiting with members they have been telling us about people that they are going to invite to church or a family night soon.  We are going to be working hard to be able to baptize this cambio.  Have a great week everybody.
Love Elder Peck

In another email I asked him about the Volcano that erupted on Saturday night in Southern Chile and he said he felt trembles in the earth but nothing major and that the air is really gross from some of the ash that made it up his way. But it didn't effect them in any bad way, so that's good. He also said it's getting colder and colder and has rained a little bit- which helped the ash.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Renca 1 #12


Most boring week of my life.

Great title for this email.  So basically my companion had to get surgery on two ingrown toenails and so he couldnt walk at all for most of the week.  We weren´t able to have our baptism yesterday mostly because we weren´t able to leave the house to go and see Florencio.  We also decided that he could use a few more weeks to be more ready for his baptism.  So pretty much we didn´t do much this week except sit in the house and study or talk.  I did start reading in the Old Testament though!  I finished Genesis and most of Exodus in a day haha.  I also finished my personal project of writing down every question in the Book of Mormon.  I finished reading it the other day too.  I decided to start over again but this time in spanish.  My testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown so much here in the mission field.  I don´t even like carrying my Bible around with me anymore because it just feels like an extra weight in my backpack.  Every morning I wake up so excited for my personal study because I know Im going to learn something new from the BOM.  We ended up losing a couplle investigators through the course of the week because one family got seperated so the dad took two of the kids with him out of our area.  We are still teaching the 10 year old daughter and she will most likely get baptized this month of june.  I cant believe its already june!  Time really has been flying by here in the field. 
Well thats about it for me this week.  I invite you all to read the Book of Mornon, then read it again.  After the second time, read it again.  Joseph Smith promised that every time we read the BOM we will learn something new.
Love Elder Peck