Friday, December 23, 2011

Compania #1


This last week was CRAZZZYYYZYZYZ.  So tuesday night we got a random phone call from president saying that we had special changes because of other thigns that were happening in the mission SO we both got taken out of there and now Im in a trio in downtown Santiago.  Its pretty hard here because its like trying to knock downtown Seattle....pure business buildings.  We dont know the members that well either so we just rely on references from them.  We have been walking A LOT these last few days and its not too fun haha. 
Right not Im in a trio with Elder Garcia from Honduras and Elder Whitmer from Arizona.  Whitmer is actually changing missions here pretty soon to go to the family history center in Salt Lake.  Hes had a hard time with the language and health problems so he could be heading out any day that there is an opening for him. 
We have some great investigators here even though it is hard to find.  We are teaching a guy from Peru named Antony.  He was a reference from his uncle who is a memeber and hes progressing really well.  We taught him the Plan of Salvation last night and he was saying how he never thought that God had made a plan like that for us.  He takes notes during the lessons and is a greattt investigator. 
In my studies this morning, I was reading the the Gospel of Mark.  I read a scripture (i dont remember where) that explained one of the miracles that Jesus did.  He gave the blind their sight I think and he told them not to tell anybody.  The first thing they did was ¨publish the news¨ of Jesus Christ.  I was thinking about how much we dont do that today in the world.  We are told everyday to spread the Gospel and to publish the news of the restoration but we dont for fear.  Imagine the joy those two guys felt and then when Jesus Christ told them not to tell anybody they did anyways becasue they couldnt hold it back.  Now that people invite us to share the Gospel with our friends we always have a fear of doing it.  We should always remember that these people will probably never hear the Gospel or accept the missionaries knocking their doors becasue they dont have a good example or a good friend to explain the joy that comes from it. 

Thats it for me this week.  Have a great Christmas everybody bye!
Love Elder Peck

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lo Ovalle 2 #2

12.12.11 (This is really Ty's 3rd week in Lo Ovalle 2 but he didn't send a 'real' email his 2nd week)

I jus wanna start this email off by apologizing for not writing last week.  I TOTALLY forgot to write it haha.  I was traveling around the mission for an activity that didnt turn out too well so we last most of the P day lost in the north part of the mission.  So ill try to make up for it this week.
This last week I was sick for most of it so nothing happened thats it bye!
Just kidding stuff still happened but I was sick.  I just had a pretty bad head cold so we took it slow.  I also stepped on a nail towards the end of the week so that also slowed us down. 
Things here in Lo Ovalle 2 are good.  We werent able to have baptisms yesterday because the family hasnt been home a lot and the youngest one got sick.  They will be getting baptized most likely this coming sunday.  There are some good members here as well.  The ward is a lot bigger than any of my other wards, the average attendance is about 180 people and all my other wards were about 70 or 80.  I dont know any of the members because a lot of them live in the sector of the other misisonaries.  
I did some divisions with Elder Larsen this last weekend which was very fun.  He was my companion from the MTC for those of you that dont remember.  We went out and worked pretty hard and got into some houses together.  It was really nice being able to catch up and also make plans for after the mission together.  We got into a house and we taught this lady.  We started it off talking about happiness through obedience to the commandments.  It was so weird because we still had the same connection that we had from the MTC and we always knew what the other was going to say.  It ended up being a great lesson and afterwards we looked back on our MTC lessons together and how we used to like read each others minds in the lessons.  At night we had a little BBQ in his house and talked for most of the night.  I actually stepped on a nail at his house making firewood for a little campfire that we made.  
Sorry for the short email this week...not much happened because I was sick.  Thank you everybody for your love and support throuhgout my mission.  Have a great week!
Love Elder Peck