Monday, January 31, 2011

Los Conquistadores #12


Happiness is not a fish you can catch...

But if it was I totally caught it!!!!  Anyways, we found out yesterday that me and Kanahele are together for another 6 weeks!!!!  We were so happy plus, Moore and Diaz are still in our house too so we are going to have a great time.  We all have a lot of fun together and we will never forget these changes we have been together. 
So, missionary work.  We have still been working on Pedro and he wants to be baptized but isnt committing to going to church.  We obviously cant baptize him until we know he is really committed to this and its hard because he always has some soccer game or karate practice on sundays so we cant get him to church.  We have been decreasing our visits and told him that when hes ready to be baptized we will come back and help him receive his baptism.  We have been trying to work with the members too because some of them have family who arent members.  Its hard because a lot of them times they dont want to offend anybody so they wont let us help or anything.  Its frustrating too because really, without the members, this work is really hard.  I mean think about it, We can go door to door all week and not have a single person but a member can give us one reference or bring us into their house when a friend or relative is interested an we will have a new investigator just like that.  Just like how all the prophets EVER have said that members are key in this work.  There is a quote in preach my gospel from Joseph Smith that says its every members duty to do missionary work and if a prophet said it dont you think we should do it?  I know its hard sometmes because maybe your friend or family member would get offended but if you look at it in the big picture, do you want to see them happy with their family in the Celestial kingdom someday?  Thats something Ive been thinking about lately and so you all should do whatever  you can to help those missionaries out up there because its hard to knock doors for 2 years and have little success when there could be so much more with the help of members.  Thats my challenge to you all this week is to have FHE and think of some ways you can all help the missionaries in your ward or area. 
Thats about it for this week.  I love this work and I love helping the wonderful people of Chile to come unto Christ. 
Love Elder Ty Peck
He also wishes he could send some of the heat up to us (YES PLEASE!) because he's always hot and sweaty. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Los Conquistadores #11


My apartment smells of rich mahogany...

Actually my apartment doesnt smell good haha.  Anyways this last week was just kind of a normal week here with a lot of rejections and whatnot.  We have been teaching our sunday school lately because they released the teacher and didnt call a new one so we usually just teach the missionary lessons in there.  The thing is we only have one person in there that isnt a misisonary and he will be within the next few months so its kinda useless.  He has a lot of questions about things we cant answer though like whats in the temple and what different things are and we tell him we cant say anything and he just gets mad because he has to wait to find out haha.  He helps us a lot though and cant wait to be a missionary soon.  Its kinda weird because back home I usually avoided going out with the missionaries to help them but he is the one calling us everyday to help so its awesome.  Everybody keeps saying about Elder Tingy being in the ward again and I have no idea who that is haha no offense to him but I dont remember him at all.  Seems likes a good missionary though if hes training and all that.  I hope I get to be a trainer someday because I would love to be able to help new missionaries since I know exactley how they feel right now.  Changes are coming up in a week and we are nervous that one of us will get changed out of here.  Neither of us want to go but its very likely that my companion will get changed out so I have to prepare for a new comp,  Anyways thats about it for this week but para que sepan, Im having the time of my life even if the emails seem short or not full of a lot of experiences.  Chao!
Love Elder Ty Peck

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Los Conquistadores #10


I dont even know what week Im on!! Thats good that Im losing track of time.  Anyways this week was a good week.  We had our confirmation yesterday for Cristofer!!!  A couple days ago we went to Pedro´s house, an investigator, and talked to him for a little bit.  He has been on vacation for a while hunting with his dad so its been hard to find time with him.  We were talking to him about how things were going then he started asking us about the life of missionaries.  We told him what it takes to serve a mission and what happens on the mission then he asked us his own words ¨When I finish my mission, do I come home or where do I go?¨  When I heard that I was really happy because we have been doubting for a while if he really wants to be baptized or if he just wanted to hang out with us.  So we are going over there tonight to teach him more about the plan of salvation and we are really excited for him. 

So yesterday we went to go see my favorite family here Familia Fuentes.  They were making some food for us and we were watching a soccer game while we were waiting.  Then out of nowhere they grab Diaz and Kanahele and throw them in the pool.  Me and Moore were inside the house still thinking well they are coming to get us next.  We decided to bail.  We ran outside and their gate was locked so we were locked inside.  I said well lets just hop it so I got on their garbage can and jumped the fence and we ran away.  Eventually they came and found us in their car and took us back to eat.  We just didnt want to ruin our clothes because we were still wearing suit pants but the other two werent.  That family though is a great family and we have a lot of fun with them. 

Ive been reading a lot in 1st nephi in spanish.  Its my goal to finish the BOM n spanish this year so I started over.  I was reading about the part when Nephi and his brothers were casting lots to see who had to go and talk to Laban.  In spanish it says that they were casting suertes.  Suertes means luck so I though how lucky that Laman got to go in and talk to Laban first.  I was also reading a lot about how when the Spirit prompts us to do something, it doesnt just happen once and go away.  When Nephi was being told to kill Laban the Spirit kept prompting him to do it.  Ive seen that a lot here on the mish.  I decided when I get a prompting I´ll just follow it right there so theres no question.  I love it out here and I cant wait to go out and find some more people!!!  I love you all chao!
Love Elder Peck

And a few more pictures:

Lucho was Ty's name in HS Spanish class

Monday, January 10, 2011

Los Conquistadores #9


This week was an insane week!!!  So i´ll just start from the simplest part first.....WE HAD A BAPTISM YESTERDAY!!  His name is Cristofer and hes 11 years old.  He took forever but we finally got him under the water.  Right before going in he told my comp that he didnt want to drown so he resisted going under at first haha.  So, thursday we had to stay the night with two other elders that arrived here with me.  We had to go into the office and start our visa papers and we had to be there by 6 AM.  We woke up at 330 and left around 430.  We went out looking for a taxi or bus but just ended up walking around forever because it was too early in the morning.  So we were walking and out of nowhere some taxi driver was heading home and stopped to pick us up.  Of course us being 3  new gringos here had to try to explain to him how to get to the subway station but we did a pretty good job since we have been here for a couple months now.    So he took us there and we grabbed a bus.  We got on a subway after about 30 minutes there and headed out to the office area.  We looked at a map and one of the guys decided what bus we should take which took us the opposite way we wanted to go.  I finally said lets get off and grab a taxi to take us there.  I explained to the guy where the office was and he said he knew where it was...but he didnt.... so we just got lost in santiago forever but at least I got to talk to all my district and all my friends.  But thats about it for this week ill talk to you all next week chao!!
Love Elder Peck

Photos from Chile!

Here are a lot of photos from Chile. Ty just got his Christmas package last week and in it was a cord to download his photos to the computer (finally). He didn't give captions with them except for a few though.

Elder's Peck and Kanahele. Ty's first day in Chile

Santiago, Chile Temple

Ty and his companion Elder Kanahele in front of the Temple
(notice he's wearing the tie I got him...=)

Elders Peck and Clark (old Comp. from MTC)
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Hermana Stevens and Elder Peck

I'm not sure what's up with all the thumbs up in these photos and the big hats, he says those hats are very popular down there... these pictures and one short email are all he's sent us today but he hopes he can get back on a little later they just didn't have time this morning. Here are some questions he answered

1.        Do you have a carbon monoxide detector?  If not, can you get one from the mission home?
 I have no idea why I would need one....
2.        Are fleas a problem in your apartment?
 Fleas arent a problem here at all
3.       How many investigators are you currently teaching?
 We have one investigator who has been on vacation and we are going there sometime this week to talk with him but we just had a baptism yesterday!!!
4.       Do you go to a ward council every week?
5.       What is your favorite thing about Chile so far?
 Favorite thing is living with the coolest missionaries here and having a lot of fun while working hard with them
6.       What is your least favorite thing about Chile so far?
 The heat stinks

Monday, January 3, 2011

Los Conquistadores #8


Feliz año everybody!  I hope you all had a great new years eve.  I heard FTS got to play at the dance and Im really jealous.  I miss all those concerts they were super fun.  Anyways, our new years was pretty awesome.  We did a lot of missionary work but it was new years and everybody was either drunk or they would tell us to leave because it was new years so we decided to visit members.  We went to a few members houses and shared the new year with them.  New years day, saturday we went over to famiilia Fuentes house and had lunch with them.  While we were there one of the youth in our ward came up behind Diaz and smashed some eggs on his head then we just had a huge food fight.  I got wrestled down and soaked by the hose and some flour and got some toothpaste on my shirt.  It was a lot of fun actually haha.  That family is a lot of fun.  They love us too and are always calling us asking us when we dont have lunch plans so we can have lunch with them. 
So the other day Elder Hendrickson has special changes because they needed his help back in the office so we have Elder Moore living with us now.  Elder Moore was in the office too for a long time and he is super cool. .He is from Texas too and a lot of fun.  He is really funny.  Living with 4 elders is so much fun. 
This last week we finally found a new guy who wants to get baptized.  One day I was with Hendrickson for a couple hours while Diaz and Kanahele went to go pick up clothes from a members house then they stopped by the guys house to talk to him for a little bit.  Diaz saw that the guy had a package of tea on his table and said he shouldnt be drinking that and took it.  The guy was ok with it that day but the next day when we went back he was really mad.  He said he was offended and all this stuff.  We bought him some herbal tea and said sorry and now hes good haha.  Hes a really nice guy though and I think he was just trying to show us that we need to make it clear why he cant drink it so thats what we did. 
This last week was a lot of fun and Im glad Im here.  You´re assignment for FHE tonight is Mosiah 2.  I read it this morning and it really showed me how good of a leader King Benjamin was and his love for the people.  Thats the most important thing I have learned here is love the people.  Love you all chao!
Love Ty Peck