Monday, January 24, 2011

Los Conquistadores #11


My apartment smells of rich mahogany...

Actually my apartment doesnt smell good haha.  Anyways this last week was just kind of a normal week here with a lot of rejections and whatnot.  We have been teaching our sunday school lately because they released the teacher and didnt call a new one so we usually just teach the missionary lessons in there.  The thing is we only have one person in there that isnt a misisonary and he will be within the next few months so its kinda useless.  He has a lot of questions about things we cant answer though like whats in the temple and what different things are and we tell him we cant say anything and he just gets mad because he has to wait to find out haha.  He helps us a lot though and cant wait to be a missionary soon.  Its kinda weird because back home I usually avoided going out with the missionaries to help them but he is the one calling us everyday to help so its awesome.  Everybody keeps saying about Elder Tingy being in the ward again and I have no idea who that is haha no offense to him but I dont remember him at all.  Seems likes a good missionary though if hes training and all that.  I hope I get to be a trainer someday because I would love to be able to help new missionaries since I know exactley how they feel right now.  Changes are coming up in a week and we are nervous that one of us will get changed out of here.  Neither of us want to go but its very likely that my companion will get changed out so I have to prepare for a new comp,  Anyways thats about it for this week but para que sepan, Im having the time of my life even if the emails seem short or not full of a lot of experiences.  Chao!
Love Elder Ty Peck


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