Monday, January 10, 2011

Los Conquistadores #9


This week was an insane week!!!  So i´ll just start from the simplest part first.....WE HAD A BAPTISM YESTERDAY!!  His name is Cristofer and hes 11 years old.  He took forever but we finally got him under the water.  Right before going in he told my comp that he didnt want to drown so he resisted going under at first haha.  So, thursday we had to stay the night with two other elders that arrived here with me.  We had to go into the office and start our visa papers and we had to be there by 6 AM.  We woke up at 330 and left around 430.  We went out looking for a taxi or bus but just ended up walking around forever because it was too early in the morning.  So we were walking and out of nowhere some taxi driver was heading home and stopped to pick us up.  Of course us being 3  new gringos here had to try to explain to him how to get to the subway station but we did a pretty good job since we have been here for a couple months now.    So he took us there and we grabbed a bus.  We got on a subway after about 30 minutes there and headed out to the office area.  We looked at a map and one of the guys decided what bus we should take which took us the opposite way we wanted to go.  I finally said lets get off and grab a taxi to take us there.  I explained to the guy where the office was and he said he knew where it was...but he didnt.... so we just got lost in santiago forever but at least I got to talk to all my district and all my friends.  But thats about it for this week ill talk to you all next week chao!!
Love Elder Peck


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