Monday, January 10, 2011

Photos from Chile!

Here are a lot of photos from Chile. Ty just got his Christmas package last week and in it was a cord to download his photos to the computer (finally). He didn't give captions with them except for a few though.

Elder's Peck and Kanahele. Ty's first day in Chile

Santiago, Chile Temple

Ty and his companion Elder Kanahele in front of the Temple
(notice he's wearing the tie I got him...=)

Elders Peck and Clark (old Comp. from MTC)
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Hermana Stevens and Elder Peck

I'm not sure what's up with all the thumbs up in these photos and the big hats, he says those hats are very popular down there... these pictures and one short email are all he's sent us today but he hopes he can get back on a little later they just didn't have time this morning. Here are some questions he answered

1.        Do you have a carbon monoxide detector?  If not, can you get one from the mission home?
 I have no idea why I would need one....
2.        Are fleas a problem in your apartment?
 Fleas arent a problem here at all
3.       How many investigators are you currently teaching?
 We have one investigator who has been on vacation and we are going there sometime this week to talk with him but we just had a baptism yesterday!!!
4.       Do you go to a ward council every week?
5.       What is your favorite thing about Chile so far?
 Favorite thing is living with the coolest missionaries here and having a lot of fun while working hard with them
6.       What is your least favorite thing about Chile so far?
 The heat stinks


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