Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Compania #16


We had another baptism!!!!  Manuela Gonzales got baptized yesterday and it was a very good experience.  It was kind of hectic getting everything set up but in the end it turned out really good.
We were able to have a couple cakes on thursday as well and have a good time with investigators and members.  I got a little sick wednesday night which wasnt too fun but it was just for the night.  The twins didnt go to church on sunday since the dad is up in the north working for another week.  The mom is pretty stubborn about going to church but we are working really hard with the ward so that she can have some friends in the relief society.  
Not much else really happened this week.  We are starting the search again for more investigators so these next two weeks we will be knocking a lot of doors!!!! 
Have a great week!
Love Elder Ty Peck

Compania #15


So we have had a great last couple of days.  Our P day got changed to today to be able to go to the temple as a zone and it was great!  Its the first time that Ive been to the temple since december 2010 so it was a great refreshing experience.  I was able to learn a lot as well.  Easter sunday was really good.  We had a fantastic elders quorom lesson about our responsibilities are members.  Javier and his inactive dad Lucho had gone to church and the elder`s quorom president used Lucho as a great example that the members arent doing their job with home teaching and visiting teaching haha.  I learned a lot from the lesson though and it really made me realize that to be able to gain Exaltation, we need to obey ALL the commanments even if it means visiting a inactive member that we have never met in our lives.  We had a huuge Easter lunch as well with a family here in the ward.  The mom is mexican so I had like 20 tacos and they were delicious.  She also made us brownies with ice cream on top.  We normally dont eat that kind of food so it was like living in the States again since they all speak english as well.  We are planning on having a baptism this sunday and the one after...and the one after that!!  Manuela is ready to be baptized this sunday and the week after Isidora will be ready.  We are really hoping that Javier and Catalina will be ready in two more weeks. Javier went to church sunday and is progressing a lot better than anybody else in the family and the members really helped a lot with the dad but the mom is a little harder to work with.  Jose and Josselin are doing good but they are just all out of money and only Josselin has a job and it doenst pay much.  They are also studying at night so we hardly ever get to pass by but Josselin went to church sunday.  Jose put his ear piercings back in so we are going to have a chat with him this weekend.
My birhtday is tomorrow!!  I was thinking you could all get me presents!!  I want you all to share the gospel on my birthday.  That would be the greatest gift that I can think of right now because when people I love and care about are happy, Im happy.  
Have a great week everybody!
Love Elder Peck

Compania #14


Our week was pretty great.  Not much new happened but we did find a less active family with a daughter who isnt baptized and she is going to be baptized for sure in a few weeks which is great.  Conference weeked was awesome as well.  We werent able to get much done this weekend since we just stayed at the stake center all day saturday.  The stake center was pretty far from our sector so we decided to just stay there all day. 
One of my favorite talks from this weekened was in the Priesthood session from Richard C. Edgley.  He talked about helping less active members and by doing that we help future generations of the church.  After the last session sunday, we went to Colomba´s family to celebrate her mom´s birthday.  We bought her a couple picture frames with pics of Colomba´s baptism and also a bracelet.  As soon as she saw the pictures she started crying and was very happy.  It was a very special moment for us. 
Sorry for the short email!  Have a great week!
Loev Elder Peck