Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Compania #16


We had another baptism!!!!  Manuela Gonzales got baptized yesterday and it was a very good experience.  It was kind of hectic getting everything set up but in the end it turned out really good.
We were able to have a couple cakes on thursday as well and have a good time with investigators and members.  I got a little sick wednesday night which wasnt too fun but it was just for the night.  The twins didnt go to church on sunday since the dad is up in the north working for another week.  The mom is pretty stubborn about going to church but we are working really hard with the ward so that she can have some friends in the relief society.  
Not much else really happened this week.  We are starting the search again for more investigators so these next two weeks we will be knocking a lot of doors!!!! 
Have a great week!
Love Elder Ty Peck


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