Monday, January 31, 2011

Los Conquistadores #12


Happiness is not a fish you can catch...

But if it was I totally caught it!!!!  Anyways, we found out yesterday that me and Kanahele are together for another 6 weeks!!!!  We were so happy plus, Moore and Diaz are still in our house too so we are going to have a great time.  We all have a lot of fun together and we will never forget these changes we have been together. 
So, missionary work.  We have still been working on Pedro and he wants to be baptized but isnt committing to going to church.  We obviously cant baptize him until we know he is really committed to this and its hard because he always has some soccer game or karate practice on sundays so we cant get him to church.  We have been decreasing our visits and told him that when hes ready to be baptized we will come back and help him receive his baptism.  We have been trying to work with the members too because some of them have family who arent members.  Its hard because a lot of them times they dont want to offend anybody so they wont let us help or anything.  Its frustrating too because really, without the members, this work is really hard.  I mean think about it, We can go door to door all week and not have a single person but a member can give us one reference or bring us into their house when a friend or relative is interested an we will have a new investigator just like that.  Just like how all the prophets EVER have said that members are key in this work.  There is a quote in preach my gospel from Joseph Smith that says its every members duty to do missionary work and if a prophet said it dont you think we should do it?  I know its hard sometmes because maybe your friend or family member would get offended but if you look at it in the big picture, do you want to see them happy with their family in the Celestial kingdom someday?  Thats something Ive been thinking about lately and so you all should do whatever  you can to help those missionaries out up there because its hard to knock doors for 2 years and have little success when there could be so much more with the help of members.  Thats my challenge to you all this week is to have FHE and think of some ways you can all help the missionaries in your ward or area. 
Thats about it for this week.  I love this work and I love helping the wonderful people of Chile to come unto Christ. 
Love Elder Ty Peck
He also wishes he could send some of the heat up to us (YES PLEASE!) because he's always hot and sweaty. 


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