Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Los Conquistadores #13


My week within a week, within a week, that's inception....

So my inception week.  I got sick wednesday from some food and was throwing up all night with Elder Moore.  We slept all the next day and rested then went out friday to get some work done.  We have been trying to work a lot more with members and go through some antiguos in our area books.  Still not much success lately and still just a lot of work but it will come around soon.  One thing that really killed my week was that while we were sick, Diaz and Kanahele went over to Pedros house.  They talked to him for a little while about church and finally asked him whats more important to him soccer or God.  He said its a hard choice but chose soccer in the end.  It was definatley depressing to hear that after being sick all day.  Thats really about it this week.  I actually had a good experience yesterday in church.  All the missionaries were going to get up and bear testimony so I was looking for a good scripture to read.  I came across one in 1st Nephi when Nephi is seeing the vision Lehi saw.  The Spirit says in one verse ¨What is it that you desire?¨  That made me think, what do I desire.  So I went up and read that verse.  I looked up and said, I would like to learn more spanish.  All 30 people there laughed a little then I said actually this is what I want and I read Alma 26 30.  The scripture says that we have suffered all kinda of afflictions so that maybe one day we can be the means of saving one soul and maybe our joy would be complete.  I told the ward I want everybody in the ward to feel that joy and to be able to feel like they were the means of saving a soul.  I felt like the ward really needs to get that motivation because its hard to get all of them motivated to talk to their friends.  Anyways thats my week, another dusty week here in hot hot Chile. 
Love Ty Peck


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