Friday, February 18, 2011

Los Conquistadores #14

2.14.11 (sorry I'm a bit late, busy week!)
If you always do what you've done, you will always get what you've got

Elder Moore said that quote the other day when we were trying to think of better ways to increase the work here.  We came down to the idea of a huge EFY like activity week with the ward.  The first day we are going to go out with  groups of members to sing hymns and share a quick message with inactive members and investigators.  The second day we are planning like a ward movie night at the chapel where people are encouraged to invite friends and family.  The third day is an all day sports activity.  Fourth, a big dinner potluck with the ward.  Fifth a talent show. Sixth we are going to hike up this big hill mini mountain thing and have a message on top. Then later that night we are going to make a big slide show with all the pictures from the week and have a fireside type thing.  We are all really excited for this activity and are expecting a lot of success out of it.
Alright so this last week was pretty good.  We do have a couple new people to teach.  One of the bishopric has a couple granddaughters who arent baptized and want to be and then yesterday at church, one of the young women brought her nonmember mom to church and opened up to us in  sunday school.  It was crazy actually because we just kinda started the sunday school lesson and she asked to speak and started talking about how she is catholic but isnt sure and also how she doenst know why God lets the world be so bad.  We were able to clear up some doubts and we are hoping to be able to teach her more.  The only problem is that she lives in San Pablo which is another stake. 
I was studying the last few days in Alma 60 and learned a lot about leadership and everything.  It was a really great spiritual experience and was all in spanish!!  Ive decided to study in spanish as much as I can and Ive been learning a lot of new words.  Anyways, I encourage all of you to read that chapter tonight or when you can.  Les amo mucho!
Love Elder Peck


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