Thursday, February 24, 2011

Los Conquistadores #15

2.22.11 (Ty was too busy Monday to email so we got his email Tuesday) 

Alright so this was my week last week....  We started off as usual doing our normal everyday routine then the zone leaders wanted to do divisions with us friday and saturday.  So I went over to their sector for the day to work.  While we were over there we had some really good lessons.  We went to this one family that has been struggling for a while now with things especially the dad.  The dad was talking about how its hard for him to change all of a sudden and he was starting to say that he doesnt want them coming over anymore.  The zone leader looked at me to see if I had anything to say.  I felt impressed to share with him that I too had struggles before the mission and that with the help of the gospel and the people at church I was able to overcome my problems and serve the Lord.  It was a really spiritual experience and the guy said he would give it another shot.  Then later we watched the restoration with a family and talked about it afterwards.  The lady said she really likes it and wants to know its true.  I gave her an example of if i had problems with my heart would I go to a heart doctor or a brain doctor.  She said heart doctor obviously and then I said well isnt it obvious that if we want to know if something is true then we should ask the person who knows everything who is God.  It was a really good day and we even had success with contacts.  My companion said they didnt have any success at all and were still continuing knocking everydoor they saw and visiting lots of inactive members.  I think it finally showed the learders that we are working hard and then we literally cant find anybody.  They asked us today if we want to have the whole zone come work in our sector someday to get the work going better.  Ive also been learning a lot about good missionary work by reading about Ammon and all those missionaries.  Ive especially been reading about Ammon lately and his serrvice for the lamanites.  There is on scripture in Alma 18 that says the Lord knows our thoughts and intentions.  It made me think that when we contact people it shouldnt just be to complete with a number but to invite a soul to Christ.  The Lord knows why we are contacting people and the Spirit will testify stronger if we do things for the right reasons.  Esta fue mi semana.  Esta es la obra del Señor.  Les amo mucho chao!
Love Elder Ty Peck


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