Monday, June 27, 2011

Renca 1 #15

June 20, 2011

This last week was a great week for us in terms of finding.  We found 10 new investigators!  A lot of them arent the most promising but we will still be working with them. 
So yesterday we had a very spiritual day for us.  We were walking down the street towards another street to knock and decided to just knock the street we were already on.  We started knocking doors and didnt have much success until an old lady came out crying.  She said that her husband had just died that morning and was very sad.  She didnt want to talk to us at first but after asking if we could offer a prayer to help her she let us in.  We went in and sat at her table and began talking about what had happened.  We shared a little bit about the plan of salvation but she was crying to hard to listen.  We offered a prayer and then she didnt want us to leave.  She kept telling us to help her so that she wouldnt be sad or feel pain anymore.  We tried everything we could be she kept crying.  At one point she almost passed out (which was pretty scary). 
I really have been learning a lot about my purpose here lately.  Ive seen people that needed help that relied on me for that help.  We have one family we are teaching with 3 kids.  The mom is a member but hasnt gone to church in years so we are trying to help her kids and husband get baptized.  There are two boys Michael and Jose.  Michael is 6 and Jose 9.  Everytime we sit down on their couch, the boys come running over to me and share my scriptures.  Ive seen that these kids really recognize that we are here to help them out in their lives. 
Thats about it for me this week.  Im pushing forward and trying as hard as I can to bring people back for the presence of our Father.  We havent had anybody in church for a long time because our investigators are lazy but we are going to tell them why they need to go to church.  Have a great week everybody.
Love Elder Peck


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