Thursday, June 2, 2011

Renca 1 #12


Most boring week of my life.

Great title for this email.  So basically my companion had to get surgery on two ingrown toenails and so he couldnt walk at all for most of the week.  We weren´t able to have our baptism yesterday mostly because we weren´t able to leave the house to go and see Florencio.  We also decided that he could use a few more weeks to be more ready for his baptism.  So pretty much we didn´t do much this week except sit in the house and study or talk.  I did start reading in the Old Testament though!  I finished Genesis and most of Exodus in a day haha.  I also finished my personal project of writing down every question in the Book of Mormon.  I finished reading it the other day too.  I decided to start over again but this time in spanish.  My testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown so much here in the mission field.  I don´t even like carrying my Bible around with me anymore because it just feels like an extra weight in my backpack.  Every morning I wake up so excited for my personal study because I know Im going to learn something new from the BOM.  We ended up losing a couplle investigators through the course of the week because one family got seperated so the dad took two of the kids with him out of our area.  We are still teaching the 10 year old daughter and she will most likely get baptized this month of june.  I cant believe its already june!  Time really has been flying by here in the field. 
Well thats about it for me this week.  I invite you all to read the Book of Mornon, then read it again.  After the second time, read it again.  Joseph Smith promised that every time we read the BOM we will learn something new.
Love Elder Peck


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