Friday, June 17, 2011

Renca 1 #14


In terms of taste there is nothing written.

We were able to find 7 new investigators this last week!  We found 3 last night from knocking doors and not everybody was home so we will be teaching this family.  We also received about 10 references from members!  We have really been gaining their confidence and working hard with them.  Its amazing how the work really takes off when the members get involved especially when they bring their own loved ones to the gospel.  We decided that we had to drop Florencio because he really wasnt progressing at all.  He didnt go to church and its hard to teach lessons with him because he talks wayy too much.  Our focus for these coming weeks is to serve the members and really gain their confidence.  People have told us that the bishop here has never really had a lot of confidence in the missionaries and we also heard other members saying that we are lazy.  I heard those things about us and decided to show them really how hard I am working.  I decided to put even more of an effot than I was already doing.  In the last couple of changes we hadnt been seeing a great relationship with the members but I decided to be more myself around them and now look, we are receiving references left and right.  Ive been reading a lot in 1st Nephi and also in Jesus the Christ.  Ive been learning so much more about my relationship with Our Savior and what He really means for us.  I am grateful for the blessing I have to be here in Chile serving Him and helping my brothers and sisters come to know Him.  I challenge you all to do everything you can for the missionaries so that they have success.  They only have 2 years in their missions and as members we should be concerned for their success.  Have a great week everyody!
Love Elder Peck


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