Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Renca 1 #13


This last week was another slow week for us.  We had cambios today but Heath and I are still together here.  We will be getting our new mission president in a few weeks so that should be pretty exciting.  Our week started off really good.  We found 4 new people right off the bat but then we couldnt find them at all for the rest of the week.  We decided that we probably wont baptize Florencio just because his lack of understanding.  He knows all the things we teach him but he doesnt really understand it.  He didnt go to church yesterday either so we might go talk with him then decide what we want to do.  We are back into the search for investigators.  Its pretty pretty hard for us this last week just because we walked around a lot after tuesday.  We didnt see much success but we are trying to stay motivated.  We are having fun here and we are starting to work harder with the members.  As we have been visiting with members they have been telling us about people that they are going to invite to church or a family night soon.  We are going to be working hard to be able to baptize this cambio.  Have a great week everybody.
Love Elder Peck

In another email I asked him about the Volcano that erupted on Saturday night in Southern Chile and he said he felt trembles in the earth but nothing major and that the air is really gross from some of the ash that made it up his way. But it didn't effect them in any bad way, so that's good. He also said it's getting colder and colder and has rained a little bit- which helped the ash.


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