Monday, March 14, 2011

Renca 1 #1

Hey everybody, Im in a new area with a new companion!  His name is Elder Memmot from California.  We just did changes this morning so we still dont know each other that well yet but it should be fun. 
So this last week was a great week.  It was definately really hard saying goodbye to members and the other missionaries in my house.  We had a baptism yesterday!  Valentina is 11 yrs old and was baptized with her sister yesterday.  It was a really spiritual experience seeing a part member family become a full member family.  They are all really great people.  We also found a family of 9 not too long ago and it was hard leaving them too.  There is a pretty cool story to how we found the family too.  We had planned a bbq with the ward a couple weeks ago but nobody showed up.  We were all pretty mad but then 9 random kids from the street wanted to come in and play tag and stuff with us.  We played some games and took some pictures and told them to meet us at the church again later in the week so we could print out the pictures for them.  We went back and some of the kids brought us to their house to meet their faimily.  We went in and talked with the mom who is really nice and we set up an appointment to go back.  We went yesterday and there were 9 people there!  All family and all ready to hear the gospel.  We talked with them for a little bit and had a lot of fun with them.  I had a lot of fun playing tag and a bunch of other games with those kids.  Even though I only knew them for about a week it was hard to leave them too. 
So, my area now is Renca 1.  In my zone there is an elder from sammamish and he is a really cool guy.  Not too long ago me and him were going off about Radiohead so this zone should be a lot better than the last one.  In our house Diaz left and so did Kanahele so its just Moore left over there and hes going to be training.  We all had a really good time together and it was really really hard to say goodbye to them this morning.  I felt like I was saying goodbye to some of my best friends again.  I´ll see them soon enough hopefully on p days around town. 
Thats about it for me this week.  Im excited to work in this new sector!  Les amo mucho chao!
Love Ty Peck


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