Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Renca 1 #5


Do you Know Fugazi?

Last week was definitely a week.  We walked A LOT and did a lot of contacts in the street.  We talked with a lot of people and had little success throughout the week.  Saturday we finally caught a break and taught  lesson to a new investigator and yesterday was actually a really good day too.  So, during the week we walked by a member family in the street.  Their daughter isn't baptized and said that she doesn't want to be either BUT she is studying to be an english teacher or something like that and wants the lessons in english.  We set an appointment and went by last night to start teaching the lessons in english.  We decided to try really hard to have the Spirit with us so that while shes learning more english she can feel its truthfulness too.  So we went to the house and asked her a few questions.  Her family doens't know any english  so they had no idea what we were saying.  She actually speaks and understands really well also so it was fun.  It was weird speaking in english too because its been a while haha.  So, basically we taught the Restoration and really focused on prayer.  She kinda believes in God and wants to know more about Him and wants to know He is real.  The lesson was really spiritual and we could really tell she wants to take the lessons to come closer to God.  We kinda thought about it afterwards and the thought came to us that maybe she is doing it in english so that her family doesn't know she really is interested.  We think that maybe she doesn't want to be overloaded with all these people trying to help her.  She understood everything really well and is going to read and pray.  SHe has actually read the BOM once already but only to learn english from the missionaries a few years ago. 
Well, tomorrow is my 21st birthday.  Its weird that life has been going by so fast and I'm only 21 years into it.  We have plans to go over to this family's house and have dinner with them and a little party.  They are actually a family we found that aren't members but love the missionaries and want us to come over all the time. 
That's about it for me this week.  We are working hard and having fun. 
Love Elder Ty Peck


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