Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Renca 1 #4


This is not an email

This last week was a great week.  We are still finding people and teaching a lot.  We have a baptism coming up on the 17th of april and another for the 24th.  We are hoping to put another family with fecha this week for the 24th as well. 
In between sessions on saturday, we went to an investigators house to teach her.  She wasnt there but her son was.  He was actually the original person we were looking for when we found his mom.  He had talked with missionaries a couple years ago and really likes the BOM.  He actually said that hes already prayed and read and knows thats its true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet.  We taught the Restoration and it went really well.  Hes probly late 20s or so and hes a big guy with some tattoos. 
Conference was realy great.  This was probably the first conference that I actually paid attention to haha.  I learned a lot from the talks too.  We missed the first couple talks saturday morning because we had to go do some stuff for the missionaries in our district across town so we were late.  My favorite talk was the one the Pres. Monson gave at the end of Priesthood session.  For me, I learned more from the way he is than from the words he spoke.  His humility and love for all taught me a lot about the type of person we should be.  I also liked what he said about reading the BOM.  He said ¨Read it!¨.  Ive been learning a lot in my studies in Alma about how to be a better missionary too.  We are having a lot of success here now and we have the Spirit with us.  This sector used to be a ¨dead sector¨ I guess but I learned in the MTC that there is no such thing as a dead sector.  There are always people waiting for us it just depends on our faith and diligence to find them.  I also liked the idea from Lynn G. Robbins to make a ¨to be list¨.  I decided that I want to start my own to be list so that I have constant goals for my whole life.  A lot of speakers also said a lot of stuff about not delaying marriage *cough* Amanda *cough*. 
Anyways thats about it for me this week.  Im having a great time here and I love it.  Have a great week everybody.
Love TyPeck


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