Monday, December 6, 2010

Los Conquistadores #4


Wow, Ive been here one month already.  Its crazy how fast time goes when you´re having fun.  This is probably some of the most fun Ive ever had in my life.  I mean, the band is obviously the best but this is in the top 3 haha.  Anyways this week we super good.  When I say super good I mean ¨Super cool.¨  I guess mom used that a lot in my update.  We have found a lot of people to teach and we have one kid who really wants to get baptized.  His name is Pedro Castillo and his mom is an inactive member who has been going to the catholic church for the last 20 years or so.  We taught him a couple times and he was asking us how he can get closer to God.  We got him a baptismal date for the 26th of Dec which is the best present ever.  We took him to church yesterday for sacrament meeting which was cool too.  When he said a prayer with us for his first time we had written down the steps in the back of his BOM so that he could have an idea of how to pray.  Rather than saying a prayer he read the steps like, adress Heavenly Father, I ask thee for, please bless me, in the name of Jesus Christ amen.  It was really funny and he realized afterwards what he did haha.  We have also been teaching this other kid whose mom is inactive too.  He wants to get baptized but doenst want to make the effort to go to church on sundays.  Two days ago we were teaching him and he just wasnt understanding anything.  We have explained baptism at least 10000 times and he still wont answer us when we ask him what it is.  His mom finally walked in the room and said that she is going to help us get him baptized and told him this isnt a game and that if he wants to live with his famliy and with God someday he needs to be baptized.  It was super cool. 

We have been visiting a lot of members and they are all pretty cool.  There is one family, the Fuentes, who love us a ton.  They are always inviting us over to eat with them and to hang out.  They always have the best food too so its awesome.  We took some pics with the families that I will send in an email when I get my next box. 

I dont really have any crazy stories for this week but Ive been having a blast.  Our first cambio is almost over but we will still both be here most likely.  I love this sector and this ward.  I feel bad because I was kinda badmouthing the bishop last week of this ward but he is really a good guy.  We had lunch with them yesterday and since I was sick I couldnt swallow any food.  He went into the back and brought me out some sprite, jello and cake.  He is an english teacher so he can speak a little english. He is a good guy but hes a new bishop and so sometimes its frustrating because he doenst really know much but he is cool.  The ward is super good here and reminds me a lot of home with all the different personalities.

Well thats all I got for this week.  Esta misión es la obra del Señor!
Adios Love Elder Peck

He also sent this photo of Him and Hermana Stevens on the flight to Chile. She took it with her camera and emailed them to him today

also here's another of their mission home and ty is doing some weird face


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