Monday, November 29, 2010

Los Conquistadores #3


This week was awesome and super fast!  I HAD MY FIRST BAPTISM YESTERDAY!!!  His full name is Victor Hugo Garay Sachez and he is from Peru.  He is an awesome little guy.  I have some pics from my comps camera ill send in a little bit.  So since we are opening a new sector we havent had anybody to teach.  It has been really hard because we have no plans and we just get rejected by everybody everyday.  Saturday I was with elder Diaz for the day and we found an old guy and a family that let us in and wants to get baptized!  The family is super cool too they have a Shelley haha and they have a 2 yr old named Amanda.  It made me miss Shelley a lot haha.  We found another lady yesterday too and we are finally teaching a lot of lessons. 

We have been having a lot of fun here.  Time is going by way fast already and I hear it only gets faster.  The members here are awesome too and they love Elder Kanahele and me.  They are always giving us tons of food and drinks.  Our lunches are always huge too from the members.  We eat a lot everyday but work it all off walking around in the hot sun.  The food here is really good too.  Its hard not having American candy though and I havent gotten the package yet but mostly likely tomorrow. 

I dont really have anything else to say other than we have been blessed a ton already!  Im learning a ton and I love Chile!  The people here are crazy and I love all of them! 
Love Elder Peck

Questions we asked:
1.        Do you have to email your mission president every week?
Yes we email him every week

2.        Do you get to email friends and other fellow missionaries?
ya we can email pretty much anybody

3.       Are elders Larsen and Clark in your district/zone? 
larsen and clark are in different zones and i have only seen them a couple times

4.       If so, how often do you get together as a district/zone and do you get to talk to them?

5.       Is there a chance you will get transferred before Christmas?
 i could get transferred before Christmas but not likely since I will still be getting trained

6.       Do you eat more than 1 meal a day?  (Elder Larsen’s mom told me her son only eats 1 large meal a day and it’s been hard for him to adjust to that)
We eat a lot everyday

7.       What did you do for Thanksgiving?
 for thanksgiving I made fried rice and we bought some chicken and had a huge feast

8.       What do you want us to write to you about?
just write about whatever

9.       How often do you write in your journal?  Do you need another one sent to you within the next couple of months?
 i write in my journal every night so I might need a new one in a few months

10.   Are you able to get pictures developed there so you can write on the back people’s full names and the places you were?
We can get pics here but we can send them via email to

11.   Did you get your Thanksgiving package?
I haven't got my package yet but I will tomorrow

12.   How many items have been thrown at you so far?
 I haven't had anything else thrown at me yet

13.   Are you going to send Sam some souvenirs for Christmas?
 I'm buying everyone stuff here for Christmas

14.   How many cats have you eaten?
 probably 1000 by now

15.   How much money do you  get a month for food, etc? 
 we don't get much money but it's enough for food and we all share it usually and we haven't eaten out yet but there is a member and her husband isn't a member but he is a chef here in some really fancy restaurant and he loves us so he is going to make us a meal and stuff soon and we are going to call home from their house for Christmas. I guess how it works is you guys call their house so it doesn't cost anything for them but we still have to plan it all out so i'll let you know. (side note from amanda: longest run on sentence ever ;)
16.   Do you share what food you buy with the other guys?

17.   Have you gone out to a restaurant for a meal yet?

18.   Amanda wants to know what the hypotenuse of the pi of the root of 6 is? 
HOW RUDE he didn't answer my question!!


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