Monday, November 22, 2010

Los Conquistadores #2


This week flew by.  I had a lot of fun learning and gettng to know people in our ward.  We have been visiting a lot of people in our ward because we need their help getting refrences and such.  We have been working with them a lot like doing service and helping them with everything so they know they can trust us with their references.  Our ward is so awesome (except the bishop, he doesnt really do much).  The bishop is actually kinda rude here and doesnt want to put forth the effort to help us.  Anyways, I have another crazy story haha.  So this week we went to a members house for lunch and she was some old lady.  She gave us some bowl of soup or something that was ok tasting but there was a lot and it filled us up.  Then she brought out a second plate filled with mashed potatoes and these werid meat pattie things.  Kanahele tried one of the patties and said it was like tuna, meat, and garbage mixed.  It was undercooked and disgusting.  When the lady left the room we  wrapped them up in our napkins and put them in our backpacks.  After that she brought out the dessert, which is usually really good because its like fruit with whipped cream on it.  We took a bite and the cream was sour and old and the fruits tasted like they had been sitting in the fridge for years.  When the lady left the room again, Kanahele took out a ziploc from his bag and we threw it all in there and hid it.  By that time I was feeling really sick and I told him we should leave.  We started getting up and then I got really really sick.  I was about to puke but the lady wanted us to pray with her.  Kanahele was saying the prayer and he forgot her name and had to pull out the phone to look at her name haha.  He finished the prayer and we quickly shook her hand and walked outside and I puked everywhere!  It was nasty haha but it made me feel so much better.  We have also been gettnig these desserts that are like these dried peaches sitting in this weird juice with soggy oatmeal around here and everybody loves it here.  Its sooo gross.  They have it for us everytime too and it sucks.  There is one family though that loves us and we had lunch with them yesterday.  They make us some roast beef and potatoes and this super good salad.  I think I mention their son Freddy last week but he is 17 and is super cool.  He has been playing music for us on his computer when we get there haha and I showed him FTS and he really liked sad sad day and turn right.  He brought it up at churuch yesterday and said he really liked it.  We are slowly getting famous down here in Chile.  So I guess they dont send missionaries to Easter Island anymore because of the way they get treated there so they just send senior couples and their is another island in our mission that doesnt have missionaries because the island had a tidal wave during the earthquake.

This week has been a week full of miracles.  We have been trying to get into this house of an inactive lady but she wouldnt let us in for the longest time.  She finally let us in the other day and after we shared a little message with her she broke down and told us she was embarassed to let us in becaue she doesnt have any electricity, running water, or money. She hasnt eating very much the last week and her life was a mess.  On top of that her 17 year old daughter is with this 35 year old guy and they had a baby.  The dad took the baby´s milk and sold it for drug money.  We decided to go buy her a little bit of food and gave her the bishops number to ask for help.  We have also been teaching a guy named Hugo and he is getting baptized this sunday!!!  I get to baptize him so it should be super cool.  My first baptism and Im only a month in. 

Last week for P day we went shopping and I started my Christmas shopping.  I bought some things for Amanda and for Braden so far and we were going to go today but the zone leaders called us this mornng and said that we are having a zone activity today so I probably wont be able to shop. 

Well, these last couple weeks have been an awesome adventure.  I have been learning a lot and I feel the Spirit everyday.  I decided to start the BOM over again but this time Im writing down every single question in there.  The first question is ¨why do you smite your brother with a rod?¨ Haha anyways Thats all I have this week.  Adios!

Love Elder Peck

My mom and Ty emailed back and forth a little bit, she asked him if he wanted pepto bismol and this was his reply:

I´m fine with medicine I was just sick that one day because of the undercooked food but other than that the food is awesome here.  We had empanadas our 2nd day here and afterwards I found out it was cat meat inside haha but I didnt care it was wayy good.


Andy said...

Seems like a page from my mission journal. Although, I didn't puke. And when the lady left the room we threw it off her open Balcony about 15 floors up. Look out below...

Nana said...

Grandma said...I guess they were lucky that she left the room a couple of times.

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