Monday, November 1, 2010

MTC #13


We leave in 6 days!! Last week went by sooo slow though.  We got our travel plans then time just stopped.  Classes are getting longer and it's mostly just review.  The tripan has been back for about a week now.  We dropped off Elder Rouse, the one with the broken leg, on tuesday at the travel office said our goodbyes and the tripan reunited.  Its awesome having elder Clark back.  He is super smart and a lot of fun.  He learned a lot of spanish from E. Rouse too because Rouse was here for 13 weeks! 
So we leave the MTC at 11:30 and leave Utah for Texas at 2:35.  I'm not sure if we will have time to call home from that airport or not but we will be in Texas a little after 6 Texas time and we will call from there.  We leave Texas at 9:10PM and arrive in Chile the next morning at 9:50.  It's going to be a looong flight but it will be fun with Larsen and Clark.  We will probably just play pokemon or something.  Larsen got some cards from his girlfriend and we have been battling every night before bed.  I have won 2 times now and lost once. 
So I have seen Haley 3 times now.  We have the same P day so I talked to her a little bit today which was pretty cool.  Her companion seems nice even though I didn't talk to her.  We took a picture in front of some sign but I didn't have my camera but she has it on her's.  Tanner Clark from our stake is leaving tomorrow for Bolivia and I got a couple pictures with him too. 
I got a lot of letters last week but from people I didn't expect to write me.  I got a letter from Clark's girlfriend's friend and one from one of Charlies friends. 
Keep writing me a lot this week.  Somebody tell Eli Braden and Luke to write me letters before I leave the MTC because I'm assuming I wont here from them too much while I'm in Chile.  I got their tape which was cool but when they talked they didn't say much to me and just talked to each other and I couldn't hear most of it.  I recorded 2 tapes for them because I had a lot to say to them and I taught a lesson with my comps to them in spanish.  I'm going to try to find Haley and maybe teach her a lesson in spanish before I leave but we have different meal times so its hard to find her. 
Well, I loved the MTC but I cant wait to get out of here.  Going on a mission was the best decision I have ever made.  I'm thankful for all your love and support in my life and all you're great examples.  Tell the ward I say hi and good luck. 
Love Elder Peck


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