Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MTC Flashback

I was asked to post this photo on Ty's blog. It's Ty with Haley Pratt and their companions. Our family and the Pratt family have been friends since forever starting with my dad and Steve a loooooong time ago. So when Haley got her mission call we realized Ty and her would be in the MTC at the same time for a couple weeks. Haley is leaving the MTC at the end of December to serve in the Naga, Philippines mission. It was really cool that they were able to track each other down a few times and talk to each other. I bet seeing a familiar face in the MTC was nice for both of them.

(please note: Ty is wearing the tie that I picked out for him and everyone here scoffed at me but he said he wears it the most out of all his ties. Plus, it was on sale for 4 bucks! shhhhh)


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