Monday, November 15, 2010

Los Conquistadores #1


Wow, its hard to believe Im in a whole other country right now.  I mean I can believe it because I dont understand anybody but its crazy.  I´ll just tell you everythnig that has happened so far I guess.

So the plane ride was extremly long but fun.  I didnt sleep at all the whole time, I was sitting near Elder Larsen and Hermana Stevens so we just talked the whole time plus we were too excited to sleep.  We landed in Chile and we went through all the airport garbage and finally met the Pres and his wife.  They are both super cool and nice.  We went to the mission home which is like a mansion here and its super old too.  We hung out there most of the day and they let us take a little nap but I was still exhausted.  We had a really good lunch and then later around like 6 we met our trainers.  My trainers name is... Elder Kanahele.  He is from Hawaii and he is super cool.  We get along really well too.  He has been in Chile for 10 months and is just about halfway done with his mission.  We got to our apartment a little later after a long metro and taxi ride.  It was a new area for him too so we had to pick up some of his stuff from his old apartment.  We are opning a new sector too which is crazy hard.  We have no investigators and we dont know anybody around here so we have been going door to door everyday.  The first day was so confusing for me.  I didnt understand anybody at all and I could hardly speak.  We only had a few hours of just contacting people and we got into two houses and taught about prayer.  The people werent in our sector so we havent seen them since.  We have two other missionaries living with us named Elder Roth from Washington and Elder Diaz from Honduras. Its cool living with another guy from WA.  Ive updated them on all the sports and stuff because they havent heard much.  The next few days we were doing more contacting and getting to know the members around here.  There are like 1500 members on the list of memebers but only 80 are active.  We have gotten to know most of the members pretty well already and there is one guy named Freddy who is 17 yrs old who is super cool.  We were helping him with his english and after he was showing us his Red hot chili peppers collection.  We got to listen to a few songs and I was soo happy.  Around the 4th day I actually started understanding people too. I dont understand everything they say but I know it for the most part usually..  I have learned a ton too from my tranier.  He is super cool and chill.  We talk a lot about our lives before and stuff and we have gotten to know each other really well.  His job before the mission was dancing with fire in Hawaii.  Its weird though being the oldest in our apartment.  Im like 6 months older than my trainer but oh well. 

The last two days were crazy.  First, we were walkng down the street at like 830 and some kid threw a rock at me but it hit me in the backpack.  Elder Kanahele got pretty mad at the kid but we didnt do anything.  Later that night we were walking down the street heading home and some fleites (wanna be gangsters) threw a beer bottle at me and it hit me in the head.  It was plastic so it didnt hurt at all but it was gross.  Then, yesterday I got attacked by a dog.  Haha its crazy here.  There are thousands of stray dogs everywhere and our sector is super ghetto.  I was told its one of the poorer parts in our mission but its better than most parts of Chile.  I have taken lots of pictures and stuff and hopefully I can put them on here.

Well, I guess thats about it.  This is definately an adventure and I love it.  I cant wait to be able to communicate with people here fluently though.  Para siempre Dios este con vos!

Adios love
Elder Peck

A few things i forgot to mention.  We have one investigator atually named Hugo.  He is going to be baptized sunday!  He had been taking the lessons before from my comp and he is ready to be baptized.  Our second day we were asking for directions from some guy and he took us to his house and we taught him.  We taught him a couple tmes but he is a little crazy and has problems with the WOW just like everybody else here.  His girlfriend is crazy too and we might go back sometime but we cant do anything with him until he gets married.  A few things i want in my package would be a new long sleeve white shirt.  My sleeve had a tear in it and it got a huge stain on it from something.  I dont know how it happened but it did.  And maybe just some snacks.  swedish fish for sure though!

There might be more to this post a little later, I am emailing him back and forth right now. He is going to try to send some pictures but I don't know if he'll be able to. I'll also update the title with whatever his area name is.


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