Thursday, October 28, 2010

MTC #12


Querido mi familia, Hola como estan? Estoy muy bien aqui (?). Elder Russell M Nelson vina aqui la semara pasada. Fue muy interesante pero muy carto.
Ayer, tuvimos Stephen B. Allen por nuestro fuegolado (fireside). El fue muy comico y divertido. Despues de su leccion, Elder Larsen y yo miramos la pelicula de Jose Smith. El espiritu Santo fue muy fuerte duraute la pelicula.
(My dear family, hello, how are you all?  I am very good here.  Elder Russell M. Nelson came here last week.  His talk was really interesting, but very short.  Yesterday we had Stephen B. Allen come speak to us at a fireside.  He was really comical and funny.  After the lesson, Elder Larsen and watched a movie about Joseph Smith and the Holy Spirit was really strong during the movie.)
I will do this part in English. Our fireside from Stephen B. Allen was really good. He talked about how Satan tries to push our buttons by telling us we can't do it or we aren't worthy.
Elder Larsen is definitely a blessing for me. He has strengthened me so much here and he is the one that keeps me going strong.
It's crazy that I leave 2 weeks from today. I heard that we leave Nov. 7th but we get our travel plans probably this week. As much as I love the MTC I just want to leave. I want to teach real people who don't know about the gospel. It's hard teaching other missionaries because they know it all already and it feels like we are teaching a wall. We actually did practice teaching the wall last week in Spanish and it was pretty cool.
Since I will be in Chile soon, tell people to start emailing me. At least while I'm there. Letters will probably take weeks to get there. Make sure everybody knows my email too (see sidebar).
Last week has been tough, we are the oldest district and the newest district has been annoying. I started getting a little frustrated and that drove the Spirit away. I decided that I needed to learn to love them because I was probably the same way.
Well I will email more in about an hour! Iraz lo Justo!
(Do what is right!)

Elder Ty Peck



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