Monday, October 4, 2010

MTC #7


Well today is P day which means I get to write letters and emails and stuff.  I just got done running through the rain outside because it is DUMPING!  Im soaked it's crazy.  So today we went to the temple again and it's always awesome.  I love being able to go once a week. 

So this last week has been pretty much another normal week.  Lots of basketball, class, food, sleep, and spanish.  We are learning so much spanish everyday I dont know how we remember it all.  We have been speaking in spanish as much as we can and we had two days where we only spoke spanish.  Mom, you should still send those pictures even if I wont be able to fit them into my bags to Chile.  I want to show everybody all my friends and stuff.  I was thinking some band pictures and graduation pictures would be cool and maybe old sports ones.  Amanda said she found some good ties so she should just buy any good looking ones cause I am sick of some of mine haha. 

Conference was pretty awesome.  Dieter F. Uchtdorf dominated the whole conference with his awesome talks.  My favorite was his on the saturday morning one.  He also talked about pride in the Priesthood session which was good.  It was hard to concentrate sometimes because it was so hot in our suits and the bleachers in the gym were not soft! 

I finally got some letters from outside my family this week which was awesome.  I got some letters from the Pratt's which I got after P day last week so I just replied to them today.  It was awesome to hear from Eli, Joe , Stephen, Braden, and Jessica.  I love getting letters, it keeps me going everyday so keep sending them.  Whenever I go to check the mail with my companions and I see that I didnt get any, I get pretty depressed haha not really but I love seeing my name on the letters. 

It sounds like the band is doing really good.  They played at three trees and have written a ton of songs.  They even recorded a few.  I cant wait to be able to play some shows with them again someday.  One of the things I miss the most is my drumset.  Im always drumming on things and I have those egg shakers that I play with in my room sometimes.  The basketball hoop in our room is awesome too thanks so much for it!  We play around every night before bed and let's just say I made a basket that enabled me to write a letter to Elder Larsen's girlfriend today.  Actually I missed but he let me write anyways.  So, mom asked which one was which and Elder Larsen is the shorter tanner one and he is from Utah while Elder Clark is the one with the Tyler Spahr smile as she called it.  He is from Alaska if you cant already tell from his pale skin.  They are both musicians in their past lives as well and we are thinking about making a tri-pan tri-band someday while we are going to BYU.  Elder Clark's first name is Ky actually which is crazy cause I though I was the only one in the world with two letters in my name. 

So, I gotta go collect mail and I have 10 minutes left so I'll get back on later while my clothes are in the dryer.


Love Elder Peck

Another email a few minutes later had this written:

Just before my last thirty seconds are up i want to say any young man related to me in any way should prepare to serve a mission now!!!!


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