Monday, October 11, 2010

MTC #8


Wow P day is already here and its almost over already.  We all just got haircuts and my hair is pretty short again, I didnt need one though.  Im not sure what emails worked and which ones didnt but it had a few that said they didnt send.  So this week was pretty much just another typical week here, lots of spanish, teaching, and contacting.  Yesterday during our temple walk, Elder Larsen and I contacted people out of the MTC which was nice to talk to non missionaries for once. 

This week we acquired Elder Rouse who broke his leg a few weeks ago.  He has been here for 11 weeks and will be here for about another month.  He is companions with Elder Clark now so we don't have the tri-pan anymore. 

I didnt get very many letters last week, just a couple dear elders and one written letter.  It was kinda depressing because nobody is really communicating with me that much anymore.  I have sent tons of letters that never got replied to but I guess that is part of the mission.  One thing I will announce here and now is, I appreciate all your support and packages but.... we have soooo much junk food and candy we cant even keep up.  So I love the boxes but they will probably just go to waste soon so dont worry about sending too much stuff.  How about instead of boxes, you send letters?  I think I have gotten more boxes than written letters.  Kind of sad. 

So, we have one elder in our zone, his name is Elder Ricker.  He is from the Buchanans ward!  We were talking about Zach and Jacob the other night and comparing pictures that we have of them.  We were also talking about when Eli and I went down there on the train and he was saying he probably talked to us at church when we went with them. 

Therer was also a sister I met here who said she is going to St. Petersburgh and got an email from the Lunas a couple weeks before she came in. 
What day does Haley come in again?  I want to look for her when she comes in. Ill tell you all my meal times so maybe we will have the same time and we can find each other.  Desayuno at 8:15, Almuerzo at 1:00, and Cena at 6:00.  Sundays are different though but everybody goes at the same time so its usually crazy.  In gym we have just been playing basketball everyday and when Im not in a game, I jog around the track above the gym.  It's pretty nice here with all the stuff we are spoiled with.  Basketball has been a lot of fun but I had to break up a fight that was about to happen the other day.  I was playing in a game where nobody knew how to play very well and one guy fouled another one pretty badly and they started arguing about the foul.  I grabbed the ball and said hey this is the MTC stop wasting my gym time and lets play some basketball.  One of the guys said to me you need to teach your teammate how to play.  This made me mad but I didnt say anything back...I just drove it to the hoop on him and threw down.  He was on the ground afterwards and he realized he needs to calm down.

I was released from being district leader yesterday!  It's very exciting to be free now haha.  Elder Durrant is our new DL and he is doing very good.  The zone leaders district is leaving a week early though and people are saying Elder Larsen and I are the next ones.  I wouldnt mind that but at the same time I kind of like this freedom.

Well time to go check my laundry and read some dear elders....if i got any that is....i dont think i did and its weird not being the one who collects the mail now. 

Para siempre Dios este con vos! (We got the translation from a reliable source, For always, God is with you!)

Elder Peck

He also sent another email a few minutes later that said they are overwhelmed with junk food ;). I TOLD you mom ! Everyone should write to him too he said he's disappointed because he doesn't get much mail even though I write him 4+ times a week! I guess he wants to hear from others besides his sister.


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