Monday, October 18, 2010

MTC #9

(Ty sent a written letter last week but it was like half a page of random "house keeping" items so I won't bore ya'll with that)


Hello everybody.  How's it going?  It's been good here.  Lately its been way hard becasue we are getting into more advanced spanish sutff but I feel like I have picked it up pretty well.  I know my mom said she wants me to include more spiritual stuff but its super hard to when I only have 20 minutes to type.  Ill try the best I can though.

A couple things first....WRITE ME LETTERS!  It's really boring at night here when i dont get letters.  I decided to write some people again today that I havent heard from in a while because I had nobody else to write.  I get dear elders everynight from Amanda which is good and I look forward to those but I also want others to write me. 

Entonces, estoy agradecido por esta opurtunidad que tengo compartir mi mensaje con ustedes.  yo voy hablar sobre la restauracion.  Habia una apostisia despues de la vide de Jesucristo.  Habia muchas iglesias en el mundo de hombros, no de Dios o Jesucristo.  Habia mucho confuscion tambien.  Durante este tiempo, hay un joven se llama Jose Smith.  El tenia una pregunta sobre las iglesias en el mundo.  El fue leyendo en La Santa Biblia en Santiago 1:5.  Esta escritura dice, si tiene una , pidala a Dios.  Jose Smith fue una arboleda y dio una oracion.  Dios y Jesucristo vinieron a Jose Smith y dicieron a el que ninguna de las iglesias en el mundo son verdaderas. 

(Translation from reliable source: Entonces is like a filler word, literally translated it’s “Then, I am grateful for this opportunity that I have to share this message with all of you.  I am going to speak about the restoration.  There once was a great apostasy after the life of Jesus Christ.  There were many churches in the world that were manmade, but none of God or Jesus Christ.  There was also much confusion.  During this time, a young boy by the name of Joseph Smith who had questions about the churches in the world.  Joseph was reading in the Bible en James chapter 1 verse 5.  This scripture says if you have a question, ask God.  Joseph went to a grove of tree and offered a prayer.  God and Jesus Christ came to Joseph Smith and told them that none of the churches of the world were true.)

I know through Joseph Smith, the church of Jesus Christ was restored.  The MTC is so much fun and I have more fun everyday.  It gets way hard but Elder Larsen keeps it way fun for me.  We are pretty much planning on being roommates someday with Elder Clark too. 

Thank you all for your packages and support.  I hope to hear from all you soon.

Love Elder Peck.

(When we are able to we reply real quick so we can email back and forth so here are a few shorter emails we got after this main one)

Some things ive been thinking i want this week are....LETTERS, pics from billy talent and muse concerts and any other concerts, the pics with me and reagan, and i wanted to assign you to read in alma 7 tonight for FHE.  Elder Larsen and I read it a few days ago and its wayyy good.  We talked about it for like an hour afterwards and we would have kept going but we had to go to our room and sleep.  P day went by wayy too fast and i never have enough time to email or write letters. 
well i have some emails so ill read those real quick and reply. bye

next email:
Can you tell the Wilsons i said thank you for their dear elder.  I forgot to bring it with me to the computer so i could answer their questions and i probably forgot a bunch others too but it was really cool to hear from them and Steve.
Hey sam!  I miss going to those football games back when meridian dominated.  too bad you couldnt play this year cause your knee.  The MTC is awesome!  I cant wait for you all to meet my companions they are so much fun too.  Ill send you a letter later today cause i only have 3 minutes left on the computer.
(then Sam asked if he would meet his companions ever)
ya hopefully someday, ill try to bring them to washington sometime they said they want to come.  We are planning on doing district reuinions at least once a year or more while we are all in utah or idaho for college.  clark larsen and i already have a few tri dates planned too for when we get back.

We also got 3 envelopes full of pictures today. I'm too tired to scan them all right now but I will maybe tomorrow and update with some pictures.


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