Thursday, October 21, 2010

MTC #10

Dear mi familia,
I sent you an email earlier today, but we never get enough time to type everything out. So I'll try to asnwer your questions here by looking through past dear elders/emails.
I'll send my card with this letter and I think I'll send al my mail home in my package soon. It takes up too much space but I want to keep it all.
So this last week we taught our progressing investigator George. We taught him twice before, nce about the Restoration and the other time was just a 15 minute follow-up. We had lots of appointments with him but in real life, he had a baby. He finally came back and we had another 15 minute appt. with him. We talked to him about Eternal Families and we shared about our families. He was suprised when I said Amanda is older than me. Anyways, we really felt the spirit and we were able to commit him to read more in the BOM. I can't wait to teach real investigators though.
It's also really weird that it's really hard for me to spell certain words now like prophets because it's profetas in Spanish. My Spanish is coming along really well. We taught the first lesson today to some new elders in Spanish and I hardly had to think about words I needed to say. It's also weird that sometimes I think in Spanish before English. I get really confused sometimes too. We have had a few "english fasts" and by the end of the day we all have pounding headaches.
So is there anything new at home? Sounds like the Seahawks are doing decent. I bet once they get a better QB they will dominate again.
To answer Amanda's question about being people's guides I don't get to be. The district leader signs the district up for that stuff but he signed us up for a workshop that day. I'm excited to see Haley here, I'll probably see her during mealtimes. Some friends have written me requestion pictures, so you should put the ones I sent home on Facebook.
It sounds like Haley's farewell talk was awesome! She will be a great missionary. I am excited for her, I know she will love it. Stephanie asked if she should bring warm clothes and she should. It will start getting pretty cold soon. She will probably be here in the snow too.
Tell Amanda that she will get a written letter when she writes me one. Sam earned his by writing me first.
So I have a pounding headache and need to sleep.
Well, Buenos Noches! Hasta Ver
Elder Ty Peck

Here are a few photos he sent a few days ago:


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