Monday, September 27, 2010

MTC #5


well right now we are doing our laundry and there are computers here.  i just got an email from tim hoyt.  im not going to capitalize the begining of my sentences cause im too lazy.  so this last week went by super fast but i didnt get any letters except for a couple dear elders from amanda and a letter from sam.  luke actually wrote me but i got it after p day so i couldnt reply until today so if luke reads this your reply is on the way and i sent a tape today.  sooo i dont know this last week we just learned a lot of spanish and taught a lot of lessons.   we are working on the plan of salvation lesson right now and its a little difficult cause the "investigators" we teach ask questions that can take a while to explain and we only get 30 min to teach.  every wednesday we go to the TRC where i teach pretend investigators and it helps a lot.  we get good feedback and we usually do a good job even though there are 3 of us.  its harder to teach with 3 cause we have to all talk the same amount and we all have our specific sections we talk about.  i usually do God loves us, the great Apostasy and the BOM.  we got a new district this week and they are all pretty cool.  we are getting another new one wednesday so we will be one of the older districts already.  its funny watching them struggle with spanish cause i was in the same position.  we try to help them a lot and we have been contacting them in spanish.  we will say something in spanish and when they have confused looks on their faces we translate for them. 

every night we have a party in our bedroom before lights out where we break out all the boxes that have been sent to us and just snack all night.  its a lot of fun we actually recorded most of one last night on the tape recorder.  so pretty much the laundry room is wayyy hot right now and gets way crowded.  its hard to find an open machine and when we finally do its hard to find a second one for our whites. 

gym has been awesome.  the gym itself finally opened last wednesday and we have been playing lots of basketball.  its a lot of fun but i havent found my shot yet.  usually we just played some beach volleyball or 4 square.  we have two elders leaving tomorrow morning for the guatemala mtc.  it will be sad cause they are way fun.  one of the elders shared with us his experience today about getting hit in the head by a disk in track.  he got  hit in the side of the head and it demolished the side of his skull and took out some of his brain.  he was put into a medically induced coma for a month and the doctors told his parents to pull the plug.  he eventually came out of it and learned how to walk talk and do everything again.  the next year he took first in state in disk, javelin, and shotput.  he was named miracle patient of the year. 

my companions are so much fun.  its crazy that we are already like best friends with each other after less than 3 weeks.  im sure not all my companions will be like this in chile but ill enjoy this while i can.  the mtc has gone by so fast.  its crazy to think that we are almost halfway done. 

well i dont have much time left and my clothes will be done soon so everybody write me cause last week was boring at night when i had nothing to read.  tell eli and braden that doing homework is no excuse to not write me. 

from Elder Peck.


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