Monday, September 20, 2010

MTC #3


I have been getting all your dear elder letters dont worry.  I can only write you all on mondays though.  Anyways, this week has gone by so fast.  Its been a lot of fun learning all the spanish and how to teach.  I got to teach a lesson yesterday in our district meeting for an hour about how to teach investigators about the commandments.  I thought it went really well.  It has been a lot of fun getting to know everyboy in the district too.  We all for the most part have similar tastes in music.  We are usually talking about music or movies at meal times and sometimes we get off task during group studies and just talk.  Its nice to be able to have a break during our 4 hour study periods though. 
How's seminary been so far for sam?  Im sure he will learn a lot, its too bad he didnt get sis benum as his teacher she was the best.  Im sure the billy will be really good for him also.  I hope high school has been good for him.  Im sure Protzeller and Ames have been tough too.  They may seem hard and stuff but they are both really good teachers. Its good to see that meridian is going good but hasselbeck just needs to be dropped.  They should use Charlie Whitehurst, he is so much better.  I heard the BYU QB Max Hall is the backup in arizona now.  Thats pretty cool.  I dont really care about the WNBA but at least there is one winning team in washington. 
My companions and I get along so well.  The other night we stayed up wayy late singing a whole new world from aladdin.  they were pretty much screaming up while i just laughed the whole time but the elders in our district next to us started banging on the wall so we stopped.  I translated If Today was Tomorrow into spanish yesterday.  It was actually a good learning experience cause i found out some words i had forgotten about.  Speaking of spanish, you should send me my spanish notes soon i think they are in my closet. 
Well i dont want to take up too much time the rest of my district is waiting to email and i am sending a letter with some pictures tomorrow anyways so you can see my district and my companions.  Make sure to tell eli braden luke and all them about dear elder cause i havent heard from them yet.  I have seen a couple guys from our stake down here like Tanner Clark and Brian Pugmire and another guy who i dont know. 
Entonces, yo necesito ir.  Buenos dias!
Love Elder Peck


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