Monday, September 13, 2010

MTC #1


Hola mi familia! The MTC is awesome! I love it so much. Ive learned soo much already. Ive learned lots of spanish also. Im sending home a letter to the fam but ill include a few things in here. My district is the best district. We are the only ones with sisters in our branch. I have a few things i need from the fam.... A new watch because the hands on mine dont work..the battery isnt dead cause the digital part works, the tape recorder, hard copy of my license, snacks, tim and ryans addresses and some money in my checking account so i can get some stuff i need from the book store. some snack my companions and i came up with are swedish fish, sour patch kids, resses. fruit snacks, beef jerkey and just anything else that is good. I was made district leader on my second day and its a lot of fun. Mostly i just get peoples mail and make sure we are all together as a district. I dont have much else to say that isnt in my letter so i hope to hear from you all soon and i hope all is well.

From Elder Peck.

(I had sent him an email telling him I keep trying to text him but remember he doesn't have his phone so that explains the first part)

I totally know what you mean! I keep feeling vibrations in my pocket even though i dont have a phone. Monday is my p day btw. I have two companions and they are awesome. We all get along really well. I am sending a letter home today also but i got your picture of shelley which will be sent home as quickly as i can. Ive learned tons of stuff lots of spanish too. We have unlimited cereal and chocolate milk and all the food is delicious. I actually had mashed potatoes and loved it. well i gotta send an email to the family email now and i only get 30 minutes a day. ttyl see ya

He's a kid of many words. We'll see if we have a real letter in the mail today too!


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