Thursday, September 16, 2010

MTC #2


Caro mi familia,

Como estan uds? Yo yoy bien y estoy cansado. That says: Dear my family, how are you guys? I am well and tired. Today is Monday and it is my P-day. I got mom's letter our second day. We didn't do anything except orientation Wednesday. Honestly, I wasn't too scared, mostly impatient and just wanting to go. The first day was crazy. We got here and got signed in then went to our classroom to meet our district. We have 4 sisters and 4 elders. I am in a tri-panionship whith Elder Carsen from Utah and Elder Clark from Alaska. They are both SO ANNOYING! Just kidding, they are both awesome and so much fun. They have both been in bands before and we all love sports so we get along so well. My district is so awesome too. All of us except 2 elders are going to Chile, Santiago North. The 2 are going to Guatemala in 3 weeks. Everybody is from the US and we are the best district ever. We are all best friends now and we all love each other.

I was made district leader our second day here and it's awesome! I basically just lead the district with study time and get mail for everybody. I have learned so much already! We get up at six and start our day by seven and I haven't even been tired yet. We talk in Spanish a lot! We learned how to pray and bear our testimonies en espanol.

For our mail time we figured out the mail theme song from Blues Clues in Spanish. We sing it as I pass out letters. We went to the Provo temple today. Afterwards we checked mail. My days pretty much consist of personal study, breakfast, class, lunch, more companionship study, gym, dinner, more companionship study & language study. The days have been flying by.

The People in my district are:
Hermana Stevens, Hermana Whyte, Hermana Forbush, Hermana Evans, Elder Clark, Elder Mason, Elder Orton, Elder Larsen, Elder Durrant, Elder Stewart and Elder Peck.

The food has been amazing here and yes there is unlimited cereal and chocolate milk.

I love it here, it's so much fun and my companions & district are awesome. How's high school for Sam? I hope he is liking his teachers, Protzeller and Ames are cool. I'm sure Shelley has been asking about me and yes, I will send her picture home to Amanda. Keep my updated on the Seahawks, Huskies and just sports in general. We all want to know what's going on out there.

Yo se gue la Iglesia es verda deron y Jose Smith fue un profeta de Dios. Yo se gue Jesucristo murio por nosotros y yo sou agndecias por la expiacion.

I miss home a lot and I hope all is well.

Elder Peck

side note from Amanda: The Spanish is written the best I could do. Ty's handwriting is...a little difficult to read sometimes so it might not be 100% correct ;)


Tracy said...

It sounds like he's adjusting well!! :)

The Wilson Pratt Wilson Family said...

So fun reading these updates. His enthusiasm is great to hear, glad everythings going well so far. Side note...I noticed there is an elder durrant in his district. An elder durrant we know used to be president of the mtc, and sealed us in the temple. He is a well known lds author too...might be a stretch, but wonder if there is any relation?

Michelle said...

Wow! He just sounds like he is doing amazing! That is awesome! I can't wait to send him that shirt! :)

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