Thursday, September 23, 2010

MTC #4


Dear Familia,

Yes! I have been getting those dear elder things. It's annoying being asking everyday if I get them when I can't write back until Monday! Anywho, I shared that Temple story with my district and the thought it was sweet. My companions and I were thinking some healthier snacks would be good too like triscuits, wheat thins, etc..and some sunflower seeds.

This last week has been pretty fun. We invented a game during gym which is 4 square but with nine people. It's hard but fun. We have also played lots of beach volleyball. The gym has been closed all summer I guess but re-opens tomorrow. I'm excited to play some bball. You guys shoudl tell my friends about Dear elder cause I haven't heard from anybody else yet. I wrote them all last week though.

Sounds like Seahawks will do bad is Hasselback keeps sucking. At least the WNBA team is good.

I've been taking lots of pictures and I'll probably send some with this letter if they get done in time.

I hope seminary is going well for Sam. It's hard sometimes because you get so tired but he will leart a lot.

In my personal studies I've been reading mostly in the BOM but I also read about Elijah and Moses a lot. Those are both really awesome stories.

My district is awesome and so are my companions. There is one elder in the district who is very ADHD and doesn't stop talking during study time so I have had to say, hey let's be more reverent and respectful but he doesn't get it. I love being DL it's a lot of fun and a great learning experience.

We have two teachers that switch teaching. One in the AM and one in the PM. They are both really smart and a lot of fun. I'll probably write more stuff in my email later so TTYL.

Love, Ty Peck


Chuck said...

Ty's in the middle, he must be cool. Cool enough to be accepted. That's cool beans in awesomesause.

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