Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Compania #7


This last week for us was a little bit slow.  Elder Whitmer is heading up to the family history center mission this wednesday and hes been a little down about it but we´ve been working hard on cheering him up a lot.  The work was a little slow because a lot of appointments fell through but we were still able to have miracles yesterday in church.  One member brought his 17 year old niece to church named Wendy (I hate that restaurant).  She really liked church and we have an appointment with them today to teach her.  Also a less active member named Eduardo showed up to church and that was very exciting for us.
Recently we have been working a lot with Eduardo.  Hes like 30 years old and a returned missionary.  He actually served in this same mission in the early 2000´s.  As we were talking with him one day he started telling us that he has lost all of his faith in God and in the plan of salvation because he has had so many deaths in his life and so many trials that he thinks its too much for somebody who served a mission and was supposed to be more blessed.  We just talked to him a little bit and it was kind of hard to get around his ¨doubts¨ because he already knew what we were trying to do.  It was a huge surprise for us on sunday when he showed up with a friend from the ward.  I went over to talk with him after Sacrament meeting and he just seemed a lot different after hearing a couple really good talks.  We are hoping that he is gaining his testimony back and that he will be able to stay active.  

Another quick story.  There is this young couple that was have helped re activate recently that has a baby.  As we have been visiting them they asked about presenting the baby and giving him a blessing.  We told them to talk with the bishop to get that set up but then the father (Emerson) told us that he doesnt have the Higher Priesthood yet because hes a recent convert technically and because hes been inactive for a few months.  We said that he would just have to work towards it and then he asked me to do the baby blessing instead.  I was pretty shocked when he asked me and Im pretty sure we arent allowed to as missionaries but it was a great honor to have them ask me.  

Thats it for me this week.  Have a great week everybody!
Love Elder Peck


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