Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Compania #2


Merry Christmas everybody!  Hopefully you all passed it ¨chancho¨ like we say here in Chile.  Our Christmas was pretty good.  We got to talk with our families and it was really good to see everybody and talk with them for a little bit.  We werent able to do much since a lot of the members were traveling but we did have a little peruvian dinner with an investigator family. 
Yesterday I was able to receive one of my greatest Christmas presents ever.  As we were singing the sacrament hymn...Marcelo and his whole family walked in the chapel!  They came to see me and to bring me a present.  It was great to see them all again and to catch up and take some pictures.  They told me that they are thinking about moving out here so they can be near me haha because they dont like the new missionary in Vivaceta.  I was actually able to talk with Elder Donohoo a few days again and he said that they are having tons of success in Vivaceta.  Most of the investigators that me and him found are going to be baptized in the next few weeks and I will be able to get permission to go see them all get baptized. 
Things in the sector are going prettty good.  We did some divisions last week and it was pretty hard for me.  I went with a missionary who arrived with me.  Hes training and is gonig to be a leader in the mission here pretty soon and so I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn from him and how he works.  We were in a trio that day so his trainee was there.  As we were talking to people in the street, I noticed something that...well I didnt like about his way of working.  He would talk to the person and get them to laugh which was great and then he would share a little message and even be a little persistent but not too much which is also great.  The one thing that bugged me was that after every person he would say something rude about that person.  If they didnt accept us he always had a rude comment to say about that.  I watched as his trainee took all of this in since it was the only companion he has had so far in the mission.  Im not trying to talk bad about this missionary but just the little things that we all do as people are picked up by the people that look up to us.  That new missionary now has the habit of mumbling rude things about people as he walks away and that makes the Spirit leave us in our contacts.  If we cant love the people enough to accept the rejection at almost every doorstep, then whats the point of trying to help them?  I mentioned something to him about how his companion is looking up to him a lot and he should try to not do that anymore so hopefully he will be able to learn from that.  I love the Chilaen people and I wouldnt want to serve in any other mission in the world.  I love this mission and every second that I have to learn. 
Have a great week everybody!
Love Elder Ty Peck


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