Thursday, January 26, 2012

Compania #6



Ooops haha I accidently sent that last one before typing everything haha.  Chilaen computers arent the best in the world....
Anywyas, like I was saying we almost got the standard of excellence!!!  We were soooo close.  We just missed a couple people at church but we are wayy happy with all the people that are progrssing and getting ready for baptism. 
Jossely showed up to church with her boyfriend Jose (we just gotta get them married) and shes wayyy excited for her baptism.  She cant stop talking about it actually.  She was asking a bunch of members about it and the sister missionaries.  Another young man that we are teaching, Bastian, came to church with us and loved it.  Hes 14 and basically was the only young man at church haha but we went with him to his classes so he wouldnt be alone.  We talked about the Plan of Salvation with him and it was great.  Hes gonna be going to mutual this week and hopefully he can start making some good friends at church.  He was telling us the other day in a lesson that he wants his siters and his mom to get baptized also with him so we talked to one of his sisters who was there and she said that she wants to get baptized also BUT we went to wake her up sunday and shes not a morning person haha. 
We were able to receive a lot of blessigns this last week from our diligence.  I was on divisions with the assitant to the president on firday and we went and talked with Anthony about baptism and he accepted a date to get baptized BUT he didnt show up to church sunday so we arent really sure whats going on with him.  Hes been progressing very well in the lessons but alwyas falls through on sundays. 
This last week I had the pleasure of reading through Mosiah a little bit.  I read most of the story of Abinadi.  Its amazing how much power he had when he preached the gospel in the kings face!  He just stood there all chained up and told everybody all of their sins on the spot and nobody could touch him because of the people around him.  As missionaries, we have the same kind of authority and power.  There are lessons that are 150% guided by the Spirit,  A lot of times I dont even feel like Im the one talking and that Im like watching the lesson from outside my body.  Its actually a really weird feeling haha but its great.  I feel so blessed to know that we are being helped in our lessons and with our investigators to help them progress.

Well, thatsa about it for me this week!  Have a great week!
Love Elder Ty Peck


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