Monday, January 16, 2012

Compania #5


We had a fantastic week!  We were able to get quite a bit of work done here in the sector and grow a little closer to our ward.  We went and had a family night with this young couple in our ward and they had root beer floats and dr pepper waiting for us which was easily one of the biggest blessings this last week. 
So now I have a very...sad story I guess you could say.  So last sunday, a couple showed up to church.  The guy was a less active member and his girlfriend wanted to know more about the church.  In our sunday school class she was saying how her daughter had died a few months ago and that she is trying really hard to keep her faith alive.  We had a great sunday school class talking about eternal families and she really liked it a lot.  We went to their house saturday night to visit them and start the teaching process.  We got there and gave a blessing to the guy (Jose) who had hurt his nose really bad ¨running into a wall¨ (it looked like he got punched).  After the blessing we started getting to know them and then we started the message.  Then she told us the story of her daughter....  She told us that one day she was holding her daughter and a pitbull came up and attacked them.  Her daughter was only a year old and a couple months and the pitbull went straight for her daughter.  The pitbull literally took off half the head of the baby and killed it instantly.  Im not sure what happened to the pitbull but I can imagine it was killed.  She was telling us how she had been mad and depresed for the last few months and just thought that God was punishing her or wasnt there.  After the story we were all able to bear testimony of the plan of salvation and about where her daughter was.  She asked us why God would take her daughter in such a horrible way and we read 1 Nephi 3:7 and explained to her that God gives us commandments as well as trials because he knows we can complete.  I told her that God knew that she would be able to overcome such a hard trial in her life and that when she did overcome it that she would be blessed a lot.  At the end of the lesson she expressed that she would like to get baptized but she wants to learn more.  We have an appointment with them tonight so wish us luck!
That was probably the highlight of this week for me (other than the root beer and dr pepper).  I just wanna give a shout out to Brian Peck who got his mission call speaking hand language!!  Congrats to him! 
Love Elder Ty Peck
**Will be adding a few more photos to the photo page once I get the email


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