Friday, February 10, 2012

Compania #8


Our week was very weird.  On wednesday we had to drop off Whitmer so that he could travel to his new misison in Utah and it was really weird watching him go.  It made me think a lot about when its going to be my turn to leave and how hard it will be to leave this country and all the people that Ive met.  He was very sad and it was hard for him to leave but he knew it was for the better.  After wednesday it was very strange just being two again.
We had quite a bit of success in terms of numbers but sunday is always the day with the most blessings.  We had quite a few investigators in church which was good to see.  Nicolas has been telling us that he would already be baptized but his mom wants him to wait until shes ready and shes not going anywhere so thats kinda frustrating but we are doing as much as we can to help them both out.  Josselin is doing really well.  She is very excited for her baptism next week but they still have to find a place where Jose can live so that they can keep the law of chasity.  

Yesterday as I sat in Sacrament meeting, I was looking around at all the less active members and investigators that we had at church and it made me think a lot about the people that I had helped in my mission.  I as sat there thinking about all the people, I realized that I had helped a lot more people that I really thought.  Even though Im not some baptizing machine, I have helped all my wards in someway or another with helping staying active and coming back to church.  

On saturday one of my investigators from Vivaceta got baptized!!  Michel is his name and I was really sad that I wasnt able to go because of a new rule but Im very happy that he was able to be baptized.  

Thats about it for me this week!  Have a great week!
Love Elder Peck


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