Monday, October 31, 2011

Vivaceta #16



Katy got baptized saturday and confirmed sunday!  It was a really special ceremony where her husband was able to baptize her and she gave her testimony afterwards.  She was telling us the whole week before that she didnt want to give a talk or anything because she was scared so we made sure that she wouldnt be giving a talk or anything after her baptism.  THE N she asked for a few minutes after her baptism to say a few words.  She went up to the pulpitt with tears running down her face and explained how this is her third baptism but the only one that felt right.  We were actually kinda worried that she didnt have a very strong testimony of Joseph Smith yet or of the Book of Mormon but her testimony grew tons after getting baptized. 
The week was a good week for us.  We talked to a LOT of people.  One contact that we did was probably the best one Ive had in my misison.   When we were planning one night my companion mentioned knocking a street called ¨Aurora¨.  We headed that way the next day to knock some doors.  A lady came out to talk to us in the second house that we knocked.  She started telling us how she doesnt really want anything to do with the churchs in the world because she reads the Bible and none of the churchs are like the one Jesus had established.  We began to talk about the restoration a little bit but she kept wanting to talk and talk.  I started to get a little frustrated but I tried really REALLY hard.  As we stood and listened for the next twenty minutes as she basically taught us the plan of salvation and how the church of Jesus Christ should be, we felt the Spirit really strong telling us that we should tell her that she was basically teaching us our own message.  My companion started talking and told her that every single word she had just said was our message and that we were here to help her find the true church.  I gave testimony of what he said and told her that we invite people to read, pray, and goto church because we know that God will answer her prayers and she will feel the Spirit.  She was speechless afterwards and told us that we could pass by another day.  We are going to see what happens with her most likely tomorrow afternoon. 
Another story about Michel and Tomas.  They both have a baptismal date right now for the 20th of november.  Michel went to church sunday and in the Gospel Principles class he raised his hand with a quesiton.  We were talking about the family and how the parents should help their kids grow up in the Gospel.  Tomas has been preapring himself for the first communion in the catholic church.  The mom really wants him to keep going forward with it but Tomas doesnt want to now that he knows the church.  He went to play soccer with us on friday and he said even there playing soccer there was a different feeling with the people and just around the buildling.  Michel´s question was if he should go with the mom and force him to keep going with the catholic church or if he should let Tomas choose.  The mom doesnt live inthe house so she doesnst have any say right now.  The members started explaining to him that in the church there are youth programs and its a great way to help children grow up.  Michel and Tomas are progressing really well right now and we are expecting them to get baptized within the next few weeks!

Well have a great week everybody!
Love Elder Peck
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