Monday, October 17, 2011

Questions and Pictures

1.        Do you usually or ever have to help bless or pass the sacrament?
yes we usually help pass it because there is one active young man in our ward.  ive never blessed the sacrament in spanish though so maybe ill try doing that soon.
 2.        Are there branches in your mission where the missionaries end up being in the branch presidency?
No not here.  There are branches but the missionaries arent the presidents.  Thats more of in Argentina because there are tons of branches.  The older couple on easter island is in charge of that little branch. 
3.       How’s your new companion?  How long has he been out?
Hes awesome!  We have a lot of fun together and its nice because he knows how to work well and hard.  He has like 5 months in the mission but if I didnt know that I would have though at least 9 or 10 months. 
 4.       Is Elder Larsen in your zone?  I think his mom sent pictures of you  in an email.
No he is in a different zone but I got to see him friday and saturday for that 50 years of the mission.
 5.       Is Marcelo going to get baptized?  When I was preparing for my update yesterday I realized you said he wasn’t baptized. 
If he could get baptized right now he would be his wife doesnt want to agree to marriage or leaving.  We might just ask for permission from Pres. because Im pretty sure they are just together for the kids.  His daughter Camila is going to get baptized next sunday and her mom will most likely go to that. 
6.       What would you like for Christmas this I have no idea haha.  I was thinking that you guys could just send me a little package with a couple thigns and save the rest of the money that you would have spent for when I get home or for coming down here to pick me up.  I´ll be thinking of some presents you guys can send me though.

These are pictures we got from Ty's MTC comp.'s mom of the 50th celebration:

The Tripan Elders Peck, Clark, Larsen


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